10 Things You Probably Have In Your Attic That Are Worth a Fortune

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A lot of people will be able to relate when we say that attics are generally full of stuff you thought you needed but then didn’t need but then didn’t have the heart to throw away and then all of a sudden, you have your very own thrift shop above your bedroom.

Usually a mixture of out of season clothes that don’t fit, scuffed up furniture you swore you’d renovate and old toys/games/DVDs/CDs that no one wants or is even of an age to be interested in anymore but if you do have an attic that looks a little like a car boot sale waiting to happen, it could be your lucky day!

For all you know, there could be some hidden gems up there that are worth a fortune, so take a look at these 10 retro finds that if you own, could earn you a fair payment:

  1. Care Bears

The soft toy the nation loved in the 70s and 80s, Care Bears are still worth a pretty penny if you’ve got a few spare to sell second hand.

Obviously, the rarer the model and the better condition its in, the more it is worth but a lot of them are going on marketplace websites for £10+ each and if you happen to have a full collection, you could be looking at THOUSANDS.

A full collection of new Care Bears recently sold for over $6000… *roots through stuffed toys in attic rapidly*.

  1. Original Vinyl Records

A lot of us have boxes of vinyl records up in the attic and although some were mass produced and therefore worth very little nowadays, others are worth a lot more and if you’re not precious about them, they might be worth selling.

For example, the 1997 Spice Girls vinyl record is now worth nearly £200 if in perfect condition as it is so much rarer than the CD version, so be sure to have a sift through your records and see what you’ve got hiding in there!

  1. Miniature Polly Pocket

A popular toy from back in the day that is now considered seriously retro, miniature Polly Pocket in good condition are now worth a small fortune – especially if you have the box!

We’re talking about the original miniature Polly Pocket here, not the more modern version of the toy that was released more recently and although unboxed and used models can still make you some pocket money, perfectly boxed versions can see you making some very good money!

According to a report from last year, a boxed Disney Polly Pocket set sold on eBay for over £1400… so if you think you own any, now is the time to look!

  1. Vintage Handbags

Now, not everyone is going to have a vintage designer bag stuffed up in the attic but your mum or grandma might, so it’s worth checking for them as well because back in the day, these bags didn’t cost as much as they do now so their value has really increased.

Chanel, in particular, has become a timeless brand and their bags haven’t just held their value but rocketed and bags that were bought for £1000 – £2000 back in the 90s are now worth £4000, especially in good condition in which case, if you’ve got one and it is being used, it is well worth selling!

  1. First Edition Books

One of the main things a lot of us have stuffed up in the attic is books which if they’re just regular copies of mass-produced books, you’re not looking at earning a lot but if you’ve been hoarding any first edition books that are actually in good condition, you could be looking at vintage gold!

Some mint condition first edition books have been valued at around $15000, so definitely worth parting with!

  1. Old School Gadgets

Although these products were mass-produced, there’s still a market for old school gadgets and electronics such as game consoles and kitchen appliances, so before you throw anything away – check the value!

Old computers, gaming devices, radios, etc can be worth up to $10,000 depending on the condition, so if you think you’ve got something worth selling, get it valued!

  1. Vintage Sports Memorabilia

A lot of us will have old sports memorabilia up in the attic somewhere, such as football shirts and vintage programmes and now could be the time to get them down and get them sold as some of this stuff is starting to hold an impressive value!

There are certain football shirts currently being sold for around £8000 but these are rarer designs and believe it or not, are usually unsigned!

Many people believe signed shirts would be worth more but for collectors, who are usually the ones looking to spend money on these items, signatures can actually devalue the item!

  1. Beanie Babies

Similarly to Care Bears, Beanie Babies are another retro soft toy that could now be worth a fair bit if you’re willing to sell.

Not all Beanie Babies are valuable but first edition bears, such as one of the first varieties released and multicoloured bears with tie-dye fur are worth more, some up to £1000!

  1. Rare Vintage Lego

Rare and vintage are two very important words in this because not all Lego is worth a lot. Mass produced, easy to buy Lego sets aren’t worth particularly significant amounts of money but if you’ve got old and rare Lego lying around then it might be worth a bit more.

Sets such as Coronation Street and the Star Wars Millennium Falcon are worth between £3000 and £6500, depending on the condition and whether they’re boxed or not.

  1. Vintage Beano Comics

If you’ve got a stack of old comic books in the attic, have a quick look through and see if you have a copy of the first edition Beano because if you do, it could make you some nice money.

There are only 20 copies of the original 1938 edition left in the world, so if you have one, it now holds a good price tag.

There’s no guarantee that owning any of these items will make you any money as finding a buyer is essential but if you do find you own something from this list, getting it valued could prove to be a worthwhile exercise!

Have you had any success selling old items out your attic? Let us know on Twitter!


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