2018 Technology Launches You’ve Still Got to Look Forward to

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We may be over halfway through 2018 but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty left to look forward to this year. As well as still having Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas to get excited for, there’s also still a whole host of technology launches both rumoured and confirmed to take place before 2018 is up.

Plenty of tech websites put their predictions out there for the year’s launches back in January and a lot of these new releases are yet to take place, so if you’re feeling a little unfulfilled by the world of technology so far, there could be something in the pipeline that will turn your year around!

Updates from Apple

Apple have become known for shaking the world of tech in September every year, so with the start of this exciting month just days away now, we’re all waiting with bated breath to see what they’ve got in store for us this year.

As always with Apple, nothing has actually been confirmed and the expectation of a new release from the brand is purely based on what they’ve done previously but technology heavyweights such as CNET are anticipating that Apple will drop at least one if not three new iPhones and potentially throw in a new watch, iPad Pro and MacBook too, so keep an eye on Apple’s social media and website from now on to be the first to know when they drop something new.

The Newest Google Pixel Phones

Continuing with the theme of brand new, ultra-modern smartphones, Google are set to release the next version of their popular Pixel phone, rumoured to be releasing what will be known as the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

Thought to potentially be even higher tech than anything Apple will be launching, the newest Google Pixel phones are also thought to be stealing inspiration from phones already on the market and incorporating features such as wireless charging and dual front-facing cameras but no one will really know exactly what these phones will have on offer until they hit the market.

Rumour also has it that Google will be releasing a Pixel Watch to rival the Apple Watch and it’s thought that this will launch at the same time as the new phones.

It was first thought that these new additions from Google would be introduced to the world in October but there’s speculation that they could be seen before summer is finished whilst others have rumoured that a September launch would be the perfect timing to take the limelight away from Apple, so our best advice would be to keep a close eye on Google from now on.

Samsung’s 8K TV

Owning a 4K TV has become standard practice for many households now, so LG and Samsung decided to up the stakes and introduce the world to 8K TV technology but there’s a lot of speculation to whether you’ll get double the quality for over double the price.

Samsung have been pretty open about their development of a new 8K TV and are rumoured to have promised that the final models will be unveiled in just a few days’ time at the Berlin IFA show that will start on the 31st August.

These new super quality TVs are confirmed to be available before we see the end of 2018 and are said to be available in three sizes: 65, 75 and 82-inches but the final sizes will be confirmed very soon. There is speculation as to whether the human eye would ever possibly be able to appreciate the appearance of an 8K picture but it’s an exciting concept nevertheless.

Proof Wristband

Designed to alleviate ever having to worry whether you’re over the legal drink-drive limit, the Proof Wristband will be the first technology of its kind available for the public to buy.

Supposedly able to tell you how much alcohol is in your bloodstream just by wearing it on your wrist, not only will the Proof band be able to help you maintain good health by tracking alcohol consumption, it’s also said to offer alerts to the wearer through vibrations and LED lights when you’ve had too much to drive.

An incredible piece of kit if it works but this product has been public knowledge since early this year and is still under development, so although it was originally believed that 2018 would be the year that the Proof Wristband will be available for purchase, there’s still no confirmation.

Nutale GPS Tracker

From the makers of a range of lightweight, convenient GPS devices, the Nutale GPS Tracker has been in the rumour mill since early this year and is still the owner of a ‘coming soon’ status but it’s believed that it won’t be long before we can all get our hands on what’s promoted as the ‘world’s smallest and lightest live GPS tracker’.

If it really does what it says on the tin then the Nutale GPS tracker will be quite the bit of kit, able to track people in real time, the device will be connected to an app that allows multiple users to see where the device is. You can set safe regions and get a notification if the device leaves this area, it has an easy SOS function that sends a notification to connected accounts when pressed and the list goes on.

A handy piece of equipment if it turns out to be all it says it will, so if GPS technology is at the top of your to buy list, keep an eye out for when this product finally hits the market.

Whether you’re a big tech fan or not, no one can resist a new gadget, so we’re sure everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of these big new launches.

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