Our Top 10 Men’s Jackets from Some Cinema Classics

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We’ve all got serious style envy from a film character at some point in our lives. Whether it’s the way Will Smith pulls of a black suit in Men in Black or how Taron Egerton makes an orange velvet blazer look good in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, you can’t help but feel inspired by some of these seriously stylish gents from the silver screen.

Jackets are a big part of every outfit and they’re often the element of the look we remember the most, so we’re going to be sharing with you our top 10 men’s jackets from some of our favourite movies to give you some real fashion inspiration for the upcoming winter season.

Will Smith – Men in Black

As mentioned above, Will Smith in a sleek two-piece black suit will forever go down in history as one of the most dapper moments on film because let’s be honest, the classic slightly oversized 90’s fit of the black blazer paired with a pair of simple shades is a highly iconic look that every man has recreated for a fancy dress party at some point in his life.

Daniel Craig – Spectre

James Bond is usually known for his classic black tuxedo but for the cover of Spectre, Daniel Craig switched things up and donned an eye-catching white dinner jacket with his signature black bow tie and needless to say, it caught our attention.

A white dinner jacket is always going to be a bold move but if there’s any film star that was going to inspire us to sport one, it’s James Bond.

Hugh Jackman – The Greatest Showman

We know there are men everywhere pretending they’re not musical fans whilst secretly watching The Greatest Showman without letting anyone know but just be honest, the songs are great and we’re all really jealous of the way Hugh Jackman can pull of a red velvet tailcoat.

Jackman wears a few cool jackets throughout this film but his showman jacket is definitely the most memorable because a striking red velvet jacket like that is never going to go unnoticed!

Taron Egerton – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Continuing with the theme of boldly coloured velvet jackets, we mentioned before that Taron Egerton’s orange blazer in Kingsman: The Golden Circle is probably one of the most iconic jackets from the silver screen but not only is this jacket cool, it also perfectly demonstrates that pulling off a bold blazer doesn’t have to be difficult.

We are pleased to announce that our collection of Fellini Tailored velvet blazers are back for the party season of 2018 and we’re hoping every man takes inspiration from Taron Egerton and works a velvet jacket this Christmas!

Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2

As iconic as the cloak is, that’s not what we’re talking about when we’re referring to a great-looking jacket worn by Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter!

For the final instalment in the Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe can be seen sporting a casual, brown coloured wax style jacket that although gets pretty roughed up throughout the duration of the film, still looks effortlessly cool and actually very comfortable.

Ryan Gosling – Blade Runner 2049

Considering around 300 people a month in the UK have a quick Google search for ‘Ryan Gosling Blade Runner Jacket’, we’re guessing you guys think this coat is as iconic as we do.

A long, knee-length straight jacket that is clearly made from a thick, lined material with a fur-lined open collar and lapels, this warm and cosy looking coat looks like the perfect winter jacket and we think it’s fair to say we’re all jealous we can’t get our hands on the exact one.

John Travolta – Grease

Whether you’re the man that’s proud to have a singalong to Grease Lightning or you’re the gent that prefers to hum along quietly in the background, there’s no denying that Danny Zuko’s leather jacket is a real piece of fashion history.

John Travolta showed us all how a leather jacket should really be worn in this film and any man that now sports a leather jacket will always hear the words ‘you look just like Danny from Grease’!

Ansel Elgort – Baby Driver

A totally different look to the rest of our favourite movie jackets, Ansel Elgort’s casual jacket from Baby Driver is giving us all the ‘American football player’ vibes with the contrasting body and sleeves.

This bomber shaped jacket is made from a soft, jersey-style material and looks super cool, comfortable and casual which is a perfect fit for Ansel’s character in the film.

Michael J Fox – Back to the Future

Technically not a jacket but a gilet, after watching Back to the Future, we all wanted to sport a red gilet like Michael J Fox’s character, Marty McFly.

It doesn’t get much more old school than layering a seriously oversized denim jacket with a bright red puffer gilet but for some reason, we’re loving the look and just kind of wish we were cool enough to pull it off too!

Leonardo Di Caprio – Wolf of Wall Street

Potentially saving one of the best until last, some of the blazers worn by Leonardo Di Caprio in Wolf of Wall Street were enough to make us want to give in our day jobs and go and work in the stock market because we NEED a reason to dress like that.

We’re talking pinstripe suits in every colour as well as some boldly coloured two-pieces too, Di Caprio was spoilt by the wardrobe department when filming this movie and we’d love to get our hands on some of his 80’s inspired ensembles from this film.

Jackets are one of the most memorable items of clothing for any gent in the limelight but we’re sure you’ll agree that the 10 we’ve spotlighted in this blog are some of the most infamous in the history of film and for all the right reasons.

We might not be able to get our hands on these original stylish pieces but we have got an extensive selection of men’s coats and jackets at Slater Menswear to help you recreate the looks.

Which of these top ten jackets do you wish you had in your wardrobe the most? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!



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