4 Hacks for Surviving Winter Mornings And Looking Good

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Most of us know the struggle of getting ready for work in the morning during the winter. It’s dark, it’s cold, you can hear wind and rain battering on the window and you quite simply do not want to get out of bed and out of your pyjamas but there is just no other option.

It can be easy to fall into not dressing your best for work during winter because 10 extra minutes in your warm bed is far more appealing than spending a little extra time planning your attire for the day but looking good in winter doesn’t have to cost you that bonus time in bed.

We’re going to be sharing 4 hacks for surviving those bitter winter mornings while still looking effortlessly dapper when you arrive at your desk!

  1. Choose Your Outfit the Night Before

It may sound a little like being back at school when you used to lay your uniform out the night before but essentially the principle is the same because it works!

Choosing what you’re going to wear for work the night before and laying it out ready means you can think about picking out a great outfit when you’ve got a bit more time to spare and you’re more in the mood to do it. Instead of going into auto-pilot and picking out the same old combination you know is smart enough and warm enough for work in the winter, you’re more likely to experiment with your wardrobe and sport something more creative to the office.

  1. Get Your Heating On a Timer

As well as being general advice for saving money on your energy bills, putting your heating on a timer can also help get you up and out of bed in a morning by getting clothes warmed up and ready for you to put on.

It may sound a little OTT but getting out of your cosy bed into cold clothes is one of the winter morning struggles we can all relate to, so as you would with the kids if you have them, pop your clothes on the radiator the night before, set the timer to turn the heating on at around 6am or whatever time suits your morning routine and hopefully they’ll feel a little more inviting when you wake up.

  1. Keep a Beanie and Gloves in Your Bag

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve dressed for the weather then heading off on your commute to work and realising it is much colder than you thought.

Turning up at work with bright red cheeks, chapped lips and watering eyes from the bitter breeze probably isn’t the look you’re going for, so always keep a beanie hat and some gloves in your bag that you can throw on when needed to keep yourself warm on that morning journey!

  1. Boots Are Your Best Friend

Turning up at work with soaked through shoes from the wet winter weather ruining your morning commute doesn’t contribute to looking dapper in the office which is why boots are your best friend for work during the winter.

Don’t risk spoiling your favourite brogues or smart shoes by wearing them in the snow and rain, get yourself an affordable yet quality pair of men’s boots, ideally a leather or leather-look material rather than suede as these will keep your feet warmer and drier throughout the bad weather whilst also looking smart with a suit.

So, forget turning up for work in the winter grumpy and a little dishevelled from the dark start and cold conditions, these 4 hacks will make mornings easier and more stylish throughout these wet and windy months!



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