4 Ways to Coordinate with Your Groomsmen but Not Match

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Traditionally many grooms choose matching outfits for themselves, their best man and ushers. Although we think it looks great to sport matching dapper attire for the big day, we’re all about doing whatever suits you. So if you’re the groom who wants to stand out from the crowd with his unique style, we’re here to help.

If you’re keen to keep the majority of your attire the same as your groomsmen but fancy putting a unique spin on your outfit to make it a little different to help you stand out in style on your big day these top tips can help you do so!

Same Suits, Different Ties

Your suit is the star of the show when it comes to your wedding attire. So you may want to dress yourself and all your grooms’ party in the same suit to ensure you coordinate when you head down the aisle but you can easily make your look individual with accessories.

Every colour suit has a whole range of different ties and pocket squares that match perfectly, so you’re not limited to everyone having to have the same ones.

If you’re all sporting the same dapper navy suits, you may wish to pair your groomsmen’s suits with a plain pale pink tie and pocket square and add a patterned pink tie and pocket square to your own look to mix things up. Accessorising your outfits in this way will allow you all to match the colour scheme for the day while still keeping your attire unique.

Same Suits, Different Shoes

A subtle and easy way to give your outfit a unique spin when compared to your best man and ushers is to mix up the shoes.

Changing up your shoes is an easy way to ensure all of your outfits perfectly match but you still get your own individual touch. You could dress all your party in the same shoes and just make yours different or get everyone a different pair of similar style shoes to allow everyone to show off their own individual fashion sense.

We have an extensive range of men’s wedding shoes here at Slater Menswear, so you’ve got plenty to choose from that will both match your suits and be comfortable for the day ahead.



Mix Up the Waistcoats

Your waistcoat is a key part of your suit. So if you’re the groom who wants to make a stylish statement on his big day and sport a slightly unique look to the rest of the groomsmen, mixing up your waistcoat is the perfect choice.

Although your suit is likely to come with a waistcoat, we have a range of men’s waistcoats that can be purchased individually for affordable prices. So choosing this way of keeping your outfit unique won’t break the bank!

If your groomsmen are all sporting plain waistcoats to match their suits, you may wish to choose a patterned waistcoat to subtly change the overall look. For a real statement, choose a totally contrasting colour that still matches the rest of your suit, such as pairing a grey waistcoat with a navy suit.

Extra Accessories

Want to be the centre of attention thanks to your dapper sense of style when you head down the aisle? Make your look unique with the help of some added accessories that are individual to your look.

If you’re all wearing double cuff shirts, you’re likely to all need cufflinks but as the groom, you can give your suit an extra touch of the wow-factor by adding extra finishing touches such as a pocket watch, statement tie pin or eye-catching watch.

It’s often the accessories that make an outfit, so make your attire unforgettable with the help of some stand out finishing touches.

Whatever outfit choices you make for the big day, make sure the shopping process is as organised and straightforward as possible with the help of the Slater Menswear Wedding Suit Finder. The perfect way to browse groom and groomsmen outfits that are perfectly suited to your big day and without a single moment of stress.

Did you find a dapper way to stand out from the crowd at your wedding?

Whether you changed up your tie from the ties for the groomsmen or chose different groomsmen accessories to the ones you sported yourself, we’d love to know, so send us your pictures on Twitter or Instagram!


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