5 Fashion Investments for Men

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When it comes to fashion, you really can spend as much or as little as you want and still look good but we think everyone secretly loves splashing a little cash on their style from time to time.

There’s something special about sporting a luxury fashion piece, something that was a bit of an investment but you know fits well, feels amazing and will be a huge part of your wardrobe for many years to come.

If you’re on the market to spend a little money and buy some extra special fashion pieces, here are 5 investments we’d recommend making:

A Luxury Suit

If you’re really looking to invest some money into your wardrobe, there’s no better outfit to spend on than a luxury suit.

Affordable suits are amazing and they really have their place in every man’s wardrobe but there’s something seriously special about a premium suit that every man deserves to experience. Putting a luxury suit on always does wonders for your self-confidence and when you’ve got a good suit on, you know you’re going to have a good day.

When it comes to investing your money in suits, we’d always say that if you want to spend a little more than usual on a suit to pick a simple, easy to wear design that you’ll be able to sport for all kinds of occasions and that way, you’re guaranteed to get the most for your money.

A Pair of Premium Shoes

If you want to feel what putting your best foot forward really feels like then you need to experience the wonder of premium shoes. Luxury footwear is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your wardrobe as if you spend your money wisely, you could be purchasing a pair of shoes that will last you years.

As with the suits, we recommend investing money into versatile, easy to style pieces of footwear – as much as a bold pair of trainers for hundreds of pounds might seem appealing, you’ll soon feel the buyers remorse when you simply don’t get the wear out of them.

We’ve got a selection of luxury footwear brands available at Slater Menswear including Loake, Barker and Ted Baker and when it comes to which style of shoe we think is most worthwhile splashing your cash on, we’d always say to put your money into formal footwear such as brogues or dress shoes.

A ‘Go-To’ Coat or Jacket

Especially for people living in the UK, it’s well worth investing a decent amount of money into a high quality, go-to coat or jacket. Obviously your usual style and the kind of outfits you wear will dictate the kind of coat or jacket you splash your cash on but as always, invest in one you’ll get plenty of wear out of.

If you’re a formal gent who spends a lot of time in suits, an overcoat is a good choice for you as it will serve you well all the way through autumn and winter year after year but if you’re a bit more of a casual dresser, something like a quilted or wax jacket from the likes of Barbour is a more suited investment for you.

We’ve got luxury overcoats from the likes of Fellini Tailored and Yaffy as well as wax jackets from Barbour and Sawyers & Hendricks, so there’s plenty of premium outerwear to choose from at Slater Menswear.

A Luxury Bag

Every man has different requirements when it comes to bags as your job and lifestyle will dictate the kind of bag you need but we think it’s worth investing in one special bag that you’re going to be getting use out of daily.

Maxwell Scott are the creators of high quality, great looking and long lasting bags for both men and women and their selection of bags for men cover all eventualities from holdalls for the gent that travels to briefcases for the man who always has his work with him.

Made using a full grain cowhide material for the highest quality and best appearance, Maxwell Scott bags are made to be used day after day and can really stand the test of time. Out of all the bags they sell for men, Maxwell Scott recommended two bags to us as their top recommendations for men looking to invest in a bag and that’s their Flero M Holdall, a stunning travel bag retailing at £552 and their Calvino briefcase that is a practically sized and dapper looking laptop sized bag, costing £420.00.

If you find yourself needing a certain type of bag every day, then it is always worth spending a little extra to get a quality one you can rely on.

An Everyday Watch

Watches are big money and something a lot of men choose to spend their spare cash on and we can totally understand, premium watches are an investment to be proud of.

There are a lot of luxury watch brands to choose from but one that we think every gent who’s into his timepieces needs to know about is Frederique Constant. Prices range between £660 and £3,500 for wristwear from this brand but the quality of the materials used and the overall design more than justifies the price.

Some men like to keep their best watches for special occasions but if you ask us, investing in a watch you can use every day and get plenty of wear out of is a far better investment as the item will be much better value for money, so if you’re on the hunt for the perfect watch to spend some money on, pick a style you want to wear all the time.

There’s nothing better to invest in than your appearance, so if you want to look and feel good and have a bit of spare money to help you do so, these are the 5 fashion pieces we think are worth the money.

Do you have a premium fashion piece you think has been worth every penny? Let us know on Twitter or  Instagram!


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