5 Male Subscription Services Worth Investing In

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male subcribtions

More and more of us are choosing to treat ourselves to a subscription service as a way of trying new products without even having to choose them and all from the comfort of our own home, but how do you know which ones are worth the money and which are just a fad?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a subscription box, then they’re pretty similar to the traditional magazine subscription, only now instead of receiving a copy of your favourite magazine through the door every month, you can receive boxes of all sorts of treats, from food and alcohol, to grooming products and fashion items!

We’ve been doing some research into the best subscription boxes for men and have chosen 5 that we think will appeal to the customers of Slaters, so carry on reading if you want to find out which subscription services we think are really worth spending your money on!

Life Box – ideal for the health and fitness fan

Food subscription services were one of the first to really take off and over recent years, with the popularity of health and fitness increasing, subscription boxes that are tailor made for the healthy eating enthusiast have been very well received!

Life Box is our recommendation for the man (or woman) who likes to eat well, work out and most importantly, try new products while doing it! There are multiple options with the Life Box subscription service, but taking their classic box as an example, you pay £22.95 a month for one box filled with what they describe as ‘a lovingly curated collection of healthy food & drink, ingredients and supplements’.

Something that will appeal to many about Life Box is that all the products inside are gluten free, dairy free and vegan, making this subscription service ideal for everyone! As a whole, health foods and free from foods are expensive, so considering you get around 12 products to try, we think the price of £22.95 isn’t bad.

If you want to see if Life Box is going to work for you, you can get one of their ‘The Little One’ boxes for £14.95, which has 8-9 products in for you to test out.

Beer 52 – ideal for the beer connoisseur

If you’re a man who loves his beer, then a monthly beer subscription service is going to be something that appeals! Beer 52 is one of the UK’s leading beer subscription services, offering an array of monthly subscription options, allowing people of all budgets to treat themselves to a selection of tasty ales.

The options for the Beer 52 subscription services are as follows: 8 beers for £24 a month or 10 beers for £29 a month, and with both subscription types you’ll receive a copy of ‘Ferment’ magazine and a snack to enjoy alongside your beers.

With both of the subscription options, you can choose whether you want to receive the ‘mixed and surprising’ selection or the ‘light and hoppy’ selection and you can then go on to order either a one-month stand-alone subscription or 3-months, 6-months or 12-months’ worth of deliveries, and with the more you order, the lower the price per box!

We think this one is either a great treat to yourself or the perfect gift for the man who loves a pint.

The Carnivore Club – ideal for the meat lover

As subscription boxes for men go, this one is pretty unique, yet we think there’s a lot of men out there that would love to receive this box every month! The Carnivore Club subscription service is all about sending out a monthly box of artisan cured meats for you to try and hopefully enjoy.

Each box is based around a theme and contains 4-6 different meats, all from premium providers. Each box costs £29.00 and you can either order a one-off box to try or order a minimum of three to arrive either every month, 2-months or 3-months.

You may be thinking nearly £30 is a bit much for a box of meat, but the team at The Carnivore Club promise that they’re working with some of the best artisan meat producers in the business and are providing the best quality cured meats on the market, all with the convenience of them arriving at your door (yassss)!

The meats turn up cured and sealed and will last anywhere between one and three months if refrigerated. We think this box is a great one for the foodie and would be a spectacular gift if you’ve got a difficult to buy for man.

The Personal Barber – ideal for the well-groomed man

A more classic monthly subscription for men, The Personal Barber is a grooming subscription service, focused on the idea of introducing the wonders and benefits of wet shaving to all men.

The Personal Barber advertise their subscription boxes as suitable for all men, whether they’re familiar with wet shaving or not and have tailored their boxes to help men learn how to wet shave by creating the first box as a beginner’s kit and then introducing more advanced products in later boxes.

A single subscription box costs £24.95 but if you want to sign up for 6-months’ worth of boxes in one go, you can get a discounted price of £91.80 or a 12-month subscription will cost £174.65. Grooming has become really important for many men and wet shaving is something that is becoming increasingly popular, so we think getting premium products that you can use time and time again, as well as being able to learn the skill of wet shaving in the comfort of your own home, justifies the price.

Cocoa Runners – ideal for the chocolate lover

Although not a dedicated male subscription service, we all know a man who loves his chocolate, so this is a subscription box that we think lots of gents will enjoy. Cocoa Runners is a premium chocolate subscription service that works with artisan chocolatiers to send you a box containing 4 luxury chocolate bars every month!

More suited towards the lover of dark chocolate, the boxes can either contain just dark chocolate or their mixed box has three bars of dark and one bar of milk, this is due to there being a lack of artisan milk chocolate creators on the market at the moment.

One box costs £18.95, which may sound a little steep for four chocolate bars but the individual bars retail anywhere between £3.95 and nearly £10 each.

You can buy these boxes for yourself or buy them as a gift, a 3-month gift subscription retails for £69.95 and is the easiest gift you’ll ever buy.

We love all the above subscription services and made a point of selecting options that we felt were fairly priced, but when it comes to things like fashion subscription services for men, we’d suggest saving your money and picking up the pieces you really want for a great price at Slaters! (not that we’re biased or anything 😉

Let us know if you sign up for any of these subscription boxes or if you have any other subscription suggestions you think every man needs to know about by getting in touch on Twitter or Instagram.



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