5 New Year Fashion Resolutions We’re Sticking To in 2019

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Every year brings with it a whole host of new fashion trends, some better than others and going into 2019, we’re looking ahead to plan our style for the year and make sure we’re looking as dapper as possible for the next 12 months!

From ditching some dodgy trends from 2018 to embracing some fresh ones as we go into the new year, we’re going to be sharing with you our top 5 fashion resolutions we’re going to be sticking to in 2019!

  1. We’re Banning Ill-Fitting Trousers

For years now, ill-fitting trousers have been seen as a ‘fashion statement’ and have become a little too socially acceptable for our liking, so in 2019, we’re banning badly fitting trousers all together!

Your trousers shouldn’t gape at the waist, show off your underwear and they certainly shouldn’t finish way above your ankles, so this is going to be the year we make it our mission to help the men of the UK find their perfect fitting trousers!

From finding your comfortable waist size to your optimum leg length, all of our stores are run by fully trained staff who can help you boycott the badly fitting trouser!

  1. We’re Going to Be Rocking Check Trousers

What better way to show off our perfectly fitting pants than with the help of a bold check print, that according to Style Caster is going to be bang on trend for men in 2019!

Check trousers can be as bold or understated as you like and here at Slater Menswear, we’ve got checked suits in all colours and styles to suit all men, so whether you fancy going all out with a full check three-piece or mixing and matching the items with plainer pieces, the choice is yours!

  1. We’re Going to Be Wearing Clashing Prints

Another style that is set to take the menswear world by storm in 2019 is mismatched and clashing prints and we can’t wait to get creative with mixing and matching the patterned pieces in our wardrobes!

It’s a trend that’s been sneaking in over the last couple of years but we think we’re done easing ourselves into sporting clashing prints and are ready to be bold and brave this year and show off some more daring ensembles!

  1. We’re Going to Be Brave With Textured Fabrics

Cotton and polyester might be reliable choices for making men’s clothing but textured fabrics have so much to offer your outfit and can really take a look from good to great.

Corduroy is already set to be a big hit this year but we’re confident that velvet will also remain a real favourite for bet men and women throughout 2019!

  1. We’re Going All Out with the Fancy Footwear

Crisp white trainers and plain tan brogues will always be staples in our wardrobes but in 2019, we’re putting our best foot forward and going all out with the fancy footwear!

We’re talking brogues with mixed fabrics and smart shoes in bold colours, whether it’s formal footwear or casual kicks, we’re going to be bolder and braver than ever before with our shoes to ensure we’re always making a seriously stylish statement!

Are you ready to look your very best in 2019? With the help of these 5 new year fashion resolutions, there’s no doubt you’ll be looking spot on for every occasion you attend this year, whether it be work or a wedding!

What style resolutions are you going to try and stick to this year? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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