5 Questions With: Sandy Beales

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Here at Slater Menswear, we’re not afraid to admit we have a few style icons and with our brand new ‘5 Questions With’ blog series, we’re going to be chatting with some of them to delve a little deeper into their style stories.

The concept is simple, we’ll be meeting with some of our fashion inspirations, firing 5 clothes related questions at them and reporting the answers back to you guys and who better to start with than Slater Menswear Style Ambassador from 2017 – Sandy Beales!

We saw him sporting Slaters on his Instagram as part of a campaign with us nearly 2 years ago now but Sandy is probably better known for his music career. A seriously talented bass guitarist, many of us know Sandy as one of the members of the One Direction backing band who toured with the boys during the height of their career.

Performing with the boys from 2011 – 2015, Sandy built up a fanbase in his own right and has continued to be a famous face in the music world as he’s continued his work as a bassist with current music sensation, J P Cooper.

But as much as we admire Sandy’s talent, it’s his style we want to chat about today, so here are our 5 questions with Sandy Beales:

Question 1: With Your Job, You Must Travel/Be On The Road a Lot, What Are the Items of Clothing You Never Leave The House On Tour Without?

“You know what, the first thought when packing for a tour is comfort. You spend so much time on planes, buses and cars and you need to use that time to relax, so comfortable clothes are so important.

I always check what the weather is going to be like where we’re heading to, so I know whether I need my shorts and sunglasses!”

Our Style Suggestion: For those long days of travelling, we’d recommend Sandy pairs the Broken Standard Cargo Shorts with a simple t-shirt and some trainers for a stylish yet comfortable outfit for the plane, bus or car journeys ahead.

Question 2: Would You Say Your Style Has Changed From Your Younger Years? If So, How?

“Oh absolutely! Back in the day, it was all about the skater look, you know, baggy jeans and oversized tees but things are totally different now.

When it comes to my stage style, I love a tailored shirt but the best thing about my job is the fact that I get to wear such a wide variety of outfits, dependent on who I’m performing with that night!”

Our Style Suggestion: So, Sandy loves a tailored shirt which means if we were dressing him to hit the stage, we’d be putting him in a Tailored Fit Guthrie & Valentine Shirt with a pair of Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans and of course, a pair of brogues for comfort and style.

Question 3: How Would You Describe Your Signature Style?

“I wouldn’t say I have a set ‘signature style’ as it changes so much with my work like I said but when I’m at home, I guess I tend to rock the ‘smart dad’ look nowadays”

Our Style Suggestion: Following the tips and tricks in our ‘How to Dress Like a Cool Dad’ article, the best look for the dad wanting to keep his own style whilst also dressing practically is, of course, jeans, knitwear and leather trainers!

Question 4: Who Is Your Style Icon and Why Do You Love Their Look?

“Off the top of my head, there’s no one I would jump to straight away and say I love their look but let’s be honest, what man doesn’t aspire to be just an ounce as style savvy as David Beckham?

In general, the man can do no wrong when it comes to his outfit choices and he never seems to make a wrong choice… apart from the sarong stage of course!”

Our Style Suggestion: There’s no denying that David Beckham really is the king of the suit, so if you’re wanting to steal his style, there’s no better look to recreate than his classic go-to of a light blue shirt, navy two-piece and a pair of smart brown loafers.

Question 5: If We Gave You £100 to Spend at Slater Menswear Right Now, What Would You Buy?

“I’m in full-on summer mode with my style right now, so I’d be topping up on shorts, sharp white t-shirts and probably throw in a new pair of sunglasses too!

The range of brands and products Slater Menswear have all in one place is really impressive and makes re-stocking your wardrobe super easy.”

Our Style Suggestion: If Sandy is looking to give his wardrobe a summer refresh then we’d recommend exploring our smart casual chino shorts, branded white tees and of course, all of our new sunglasses!

So, there you have it, a bit of an insight into the style secrets of one of the best-known bass guitarists in the UK!

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