5 Unique Ways to Pop the Question

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With valentine’s day just around the corner, there will be plenty of loved up lotharios planning to pop the question. According to a survey of 10,000 people conducted by stag and hen do experts, Chilli Sauce, 12% of people got engaged on Valentine’s Day which works out at a staggering 1,200 people. If you want your engagement to stand out from all the others that will be taking place on this special day then you’re really going to have to get creative!

We’re going to be sharing with you 5 unique ways to pop the question and we like to think that although these proposal ideas still have a real sense of romance to them, they’re going to be a little more memorable than your classic getting down on one knee.

Feel on Top of the World

It may not be possible to physically reach the very top of the world but one unique place to propose that is bound to be memorable is at the highest peak of one of the UK’s many mountains! If you’re a couple who like to lace up your walking boots and head into the great outdoors, a leisurely mountainous trek followed by popping the question is the perfect proposal for you.

Whether you choose Ben Nevis, Snowdonia or Scafell Pike, you’re bound to feel on top of the world after getting down on one knee at the highest peak of a mountain.

Say it With Song

Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a singer or you’ve got money to spend on hiring a band, choir or even an orchestra, one impressive and unique way to propose is to do it through the power of song. You can incorporate your favourite songs into your proposal in so many ways; whether you want to take your partner by surprise with a flash mob or put a stage show on pause while you pop the question, there’s so many ways you can ask the big question using music!

Spell it Out for Them

You may think that physically spelling out your proposal for your partner to read is an underwhelming and lacklustre way of asking someone to marry you but sometimes it can be difficult to see what’s right in front of you if you’re not looking for it.

There’s many ways you can spell out that special question: you could go all out and get a plane to write it in the sky or you could plan a DIY proposal by cutting out the words you want to use yourself from magazines or left over wrapping paper and lay it out. If you’re on holiday you could write it in the sand or if you’re on a forest walk you could carve it into a tree, the options for writing your proposal down expand far further than just paper.

The Stomach is the Way to The Heart

Many of us are self-confessed foodies, so the best way to reach our hearts is through our stomachs meaning a tasty proposal is the perfect option. There are so many different ways to propose using food and drinks, whether you bake the ring into one of your partner’s favourite sweet treats or enlist the help of your favourite restaurant to assist you in proposing over dinner, popping the question using the power of food is a guaranteed way to get a yes.

‘X’ Marks the Spot

Proposals are often thought of as short moments in time, so if you want your proposal to last a little longer to be even more memorable then what better way to savour the moment than planning a treasure hunt.

Setting out a treasure hunt for your partner with the proposal taking place at the end is a great way to create a really memorable event for you both to look back on, as well as being a fun way to spend some time together before the madness of being engaged begins.

The way you organise your treasure hunt is really up to you, whether you set it up in the comfort of your own home or an area you both like to visit, it’s bound to have the desired element of surprise however you plan it.

We hope you’ve found this useful if you’re looking for different ways to propose that are a little bit more alternative to the normal engagement stories you hear.

However you choose to pop the question, don’t forget to record the moment if you can! Having a video camera set up in secret is a great way to savour the occasion and be able to relive it whenever you want.

Good luck if you’re planning a Valentine’s Day proposal; whatever you’ve got in mind, be sure to look your very best with the help of Slaters.

If you get down on one knee on February 14th, be sure to let us know how it went by getting in touch on Twitter or Instagram.


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