8 TV Screen Heroes That Have Inspired Us to Wear a Bow Tie

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Bow ties are just SO cool. They make any formal look effortlessly dapper and we can’t help but feel like James Bond when we don one but there’s plenty of other male film stars that have made us realise just how cool a bow tie is.

We’re going to be sharing with you 8 key faces from the silver screen and TV that have rocked a bow tie impeccably well over the years and we’re sure by the end of reading this, you’ll be rushing out to grab a bow tie for your next special event!

James Bond

We might as well start with our dickie bow hero, James Bond. We can’t narrow it down to Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan or even Roger Moore, every gent that has taken on the role of 007 has sported the infamous tuxedo and bow tie look and made it look seriously stylish.

There’s not much more to say about James Bond’s style because he simply is the king of working a bow tie.

Chuck Bass

Don’t pretend you’re not familiar with Chuck Bass, the manipulative romantic from Gossip Girl! Whether you’ve caught an episode while your other half has been watching it or you’re proud enough to admit you put it on yourself, we’re all familiar with Chuck Bass and of course, his quirky fashion sense.

Played by Ed Westwick, Chuck Bass is an iconic character from the show and is known for always being suited and booted but it’s his quirky ties that really catch our eye. From a simple black tie look to something a little more patterned, Bass sported plenty of bold ties throughout the 6 series of Gossip Girl and he’s got us wanting to wear one right now!

Matt Smith as Doctor Who

Doctor Who’s style changes with every new actor but Matt Smith is best known for his collection of bow ties he sported throughout his series.

He may not have played the Doctor since 2013 but his ability to make a bow tie look effortlessly cool has gone down in TV history and is undoubtedly still an inspiration for us to this day.

Indiana Jones

You might automatically think of cargo coloured clothing and trilby style hats when you think of Indiana Jones but when he was sporting a suit, he often had a bow tie to complete the look.

From an eye-catching white dinner jacket with a contrasting black bow tie to a modern grey three piece with stylish burgundy bow tie, Indiana Jones wasn’t afraid to rock this accessory.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Great Gatsby

The 1920s was all about dressing to impress for both men and women, so for the gents that meant always being suited and booted to the max and Leonardo DiCaprio shows off this look at its best in The Great Gatsby.

A simple black dinner suit with black bow tie is one of his signatures throughout the film, especially when he’s hosting his lavish celebrations, so if you’ve got a ‘20s themed party coming up, a bow tie is definitely the way to channel your inner Gatsby.

Jack Black – School of Rock

Hitting our screens as a questionable music teacher, Dewey Finn, Jack Black can be seen sporting a bow tie throughout the School of Rock film and is an inspiration to us all that this quirky style really can work for any man.

Often thought of as a formal accessory, Jack Black’s character perfectly shows off how to sport your bow tie during the day and still make it look just as dapper.

Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon

Played by Jim Parsons in the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is the geeky, slightly socially awkward guy you can’t help but have a laugh at and although he may be most often found wearing a bright t-shirt, when Sheldon gets suited and booted, it’s always a bow tie he’ll don.

We reckon this style dates back to his childhood as the spin-off show for his character, ‘Young Sheldon’, shows his younger self forever sporting a check shirt and clashing bow tie, a bold look that we kind of admire!

Agatha Christie’s Poirot

A slightly different watch to the other films and shows we’ve discussed but Agatha Christie’s Poirot is probably one of the most iconic bow-tie wearers of all time.

A memorable look, all in all, Poirot sports a number of different bow ties across the various series but he’s certainly never seen without one, making him one of our biggest inspirations for wearing a dickie bow whatever the occasion!

From award-winning blockbusters to TV comedies, we’ve covered a variety of famous faces that lead the way when it comes to making a bow tie look seriously stylish!

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