80’s Men’s Fashion Trends That Are Coming Back

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When we think back to the 80’s, we don’t often think of the fashion trends as being something that made the decade great. The music was on top form, the movies were pretty amazing but the clothes? Questionable at best.

The thought of 80’s fashion trends coming back in style is enough to send a shudder down many people’s spines, especially those who embraced them the first time around but we’re hopeful that the revival of 80’s style could actually be a thing of wonder if we learn from a few key mistakes made last time.

We’re going to be sharing with you some infamous eighties trends that are slowly making a come back and giving you the low down on how to work the look right this time.

Skinny Jeans are Out, Looser Jeans are In

Although skinny jeans did make an appearance in the 80’s, looser fitting jeans were a favourite for most and it’s a look we’re seeing a lot of at the moment amongst men.

It’s not a bad trend to get involved with; straight leg jeans are actually super comfortable and a way more practical fit than jeans that are so tight they look like they’ve been sprayed on but they just have to be worn right.

The 80’s ruined loose fitting jeans by pairing them with equally as baggy tops and shirts, so if we’re going to be seeing the arrival of straight leg/dad style jeans, we’re all for tighter t-shirts and slim fitting shirts to help add some shape to the look.

Coloured Trousers

Coloured trousers are the sort of fashion item that younger people are wearing and older people are saying ‘we used to wear those in the 80’s’ and that’s because back in this decade if you weren’t wearing denim, you were wearing a colourful pair of trousers.

Chino style trousers were big back in those days and the rule was generally that the brighter the better which is a trend we’re happy to embrace for a second time… within reason.

There was a lot of VERY bright trousers back in the 80’s, so we’d like to keep things a little more toned down this time. We’re thinking pale pinks and a variety of shades of blue and we’re going to be keeping the top half of our outfit neutral, colour clashing to that extent can stay where the eighties left it.

Bomber Jackets

An essential for any hip hop lover back in the day, bomber jackets have been back on trend for a while now and we’re perfectly happy for them to stay around for a little while longer.

As much as we love a bomber jacket and think they’re actually one of the best fashion items to come from the 80’s, we won’t be layering our oversized bombers with other baggy clothes; like we said with the jeans, one piece of loose-fitting clothing at a time.


Pinstripe Suits

One fashion trend from the eighties that we are welcoming back with open arms is pinstripe suits! We love a bold suit here at Slater Menswear and the pinstripe suit is the height of seriously cool formal dressing, so to say we’re just a touch excited to see this style of suit back on the shelves is an understatement!

Other smart styles from the eighties included broad-shouldered blazers and seriously high waisted trousers which we’re not so sure need to make a return as we’ve moved into an era where well-fitting suits are the best look you can go for but we’ll have to wait and see how much the eighties take over formal dressing in 2018.

Bold Shirts and Graphic Tees

Everything in the 80’s was done to excess; this was the decade of being bold, bright and proud, so it’s no surprise that loud shirts and heavily printed t-shirts were big back in the day.

This is one trend that has crept its way back in and slowly over the last couple of years, we’ve all got a little more confident with the more colourful shirts and tees and now we’re going bolder than ever, so who knows where this trend will go next!

Although we’re all for the above fashion looks making a comeback, when it comes to 80’s fashion trends for men, there are some styles we’re just not ok with seeing again. Very short shorts, Buffalo trainers and mullets can well and truly stay where the eighties left them but as long as we bring the 80’s back looking better than ever, we’re up for embracing it!

Are there any particular trends for men from the 80’s you’re keen to revive? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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