A Guide to Cleaning the BBQ

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Welcome to the last instalment of our National BBQ Week blog posts, we hope you’ve spent this week out in the garden, with the BBQ fired up. Now we’re coming towards the end of the celebrations, it’s time to roll your sleeves up, get the rubber gloves on and get scrubbing.

Don’t make the fatal mistake of leaving your BBQ dirty, keep it clean after every use and give it regular deep cleans.

We’ve partnered up with Oven Pride, leading oven cleaning brand, to give you the low down on how to get your BBQ back shining and ready to go again.

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Oven Pride BBQ cleaner

Oven Pride BBQ cleaner

So, onto the cleaning tips.

  1. 1. You wouldn’t cook a steak in a dirty pan, so why put your steak on the barbecue before giving it a good clean? Be sure to start off by cleaning your barbecue grates, and to make your life easier Oven Pride’s Deep Cleaner is the perfect solution to rid your grills of stubborn burnt on food. All you need to do is put the grates in the plastic bag provided and pour half to ¾ of the cleaning solution over them. Leave these to soak for a minimum of four hours or overnight for the best results, and then rinse thoroughly with hot soapy water.

Top Tip: Cooking fresh food before cleaning grates with old burnt on grime will give your food a bitter flavour and could ruin your chances of hosting a perfect BBQ

  1. 2. Don’t forget to clean the inside of your barbecue too. Start off by disposing of old ashes from the bottom of the barbecue and then pour the remaining Oven Pride solution into the tray. Wearing gloves, use a sponge to spread the solution around the whole tray and leave for a minimum of four hours, or overnight for best results.
  1. 3. The main cleaning event might be the barbecue but let’s not forget every barbecue’s best friends… the spatula, skewer and cooking tongs. After all, how will you flip those burgers and turn your sausages? Make sure you give all of these utensils a deep clean in hot soapy water to rid them of old grease and burnt on food, as over time this can be hazardous and also impact the flavour of your food.
  1. 4. And lastly, how can I maintain this level of cleanliness for the rest of the summer we hear you say? After each use, wait until the grates are lukewarm and give them a quick clean using a grill brush and hot soapy water, this way any food residue will be easier to remove.

We hope this final BBQ post has been of use to you, and we hope you’ve had a sizzling National BBQ Week. Don’t forget to enter the giveaways to bag yourself some cracking new stuff for the BBQ season.
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Roll on Summer!


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