A Guide to Facial Hair for Super Cool Men

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Many men have life goals, whether they be related to work, cars, money or whatever, but we think secretly there’s one goal that every man shares, and that’s to be known as the super cool mate. We all want to be the leader of the pack, the one everyone looks up to for style advice. In the modern day it would appear the best way to bag yourself some more ‘cool points’ is to embrace male grooming and rock the latest trends in facial hair.

We’ve touched on the topic of male grooming before with our in-house makeup artist. Now we wanted to know why facial hair has become the new biggest trend amongst men and how you can use the humble beard and moustache to take yourself from plain and simple, to effortlessly dapper.

As always, we’ve enlisted the help of some of the best brains in the male grooming business, and they’ve given us the low down on all things facial hair, skincare and male vanity!

Meet Danny, the co-founder of ‘FineFettle’, and an absolute expert in all things male grooming. FineFettle stock a range of premium quality beard conditioners that are designed to nourish and protect your facial hair and they pride themselves on being a caring and artisan brand for men.

We asked Danny all about male grooming in the modern day and where the market is going:

When did male grooming become so popular?

Male grooming has been with us for hundreds of years but it has definitely enjoyed a boom in modern culture over the past 5 years.

Is the male grooming market still growing?

Absolutely. Most analysts who cover the market agree that there is still growth ahead presenting companies like ours a significant opportunity for the future.

What is the most popular grooming product with men?

Hair products and aftershaves are still surely the king when considering the male grooming market broadly. However, this market can be considerably segmented and so to some, shaving and shaving accessories may be top of that list.

What are the secret ingredients in male grooming products that every man needs to know about?

From our own point of view, there should not be any secret ingredients but rather every man should attempt to inform themselves about everything that they put in contact with their bodies. This is a core pillar of our philosophy and the reason we focus on the properties of natural ingredients and the function they can perform.

Do you see male grooming counters joining female ones in beauty halls anytime soon?

We could definitely imagine spaces that focus more on selling to men and why not have these co-located in beauty halls? This may pick up on those men out shopping with their partners but it may take a little longer for such spaces to be commonplace.

What’s the best seller, men’s skincare or facial hair products?

There are different viewpoints on this question but both represent niches within the industry. Our opinion is that the facial hair product market is very fragmented and lacking in choice in real quality. We see this as our opportunity even as that segment becomes saturated. Male skincare, on the other hand, is definitely on the rise but I think we would see this space increasingly dominated by the big players who have built successful brands in the female led market.

What’s your personal favourite facial hair style?

We, the co-founders of FineFettle Grooming, both sport a full beard but to very different extremes. I personally have a full beard that tends to stay under the 2cm length mark (longer just doesn’t suit me) whereas my business partner has a strong healthy beard that is the subject of many a “mine’s longer than yours” type conversations – it’s long!

So, there’s the low down on the latest from the male grooming market, but what about the world of facial hair trends?

We quizzed Yousaf, the founder of Bullingberg, the makers of a top-quality beard oil, on all things beards and moustaches, and here’s what he had to say:

What is the latest trends regarding men’s facial hair?

Latest trends in men’s facial hair is a natural looking beard that is still well kempt, so you can tell it’s not left entirely up to nature. More importantly bearded men tend to use fragranced beard oils as a replacement for aftershave/cologne.

Are there any celebrities that you think are leading the way with male facial hair?

More and more celebrities are sporting facial hair now. Scot Discik from the Kardashians was once clean shaven but now has a neat beard. In early seasons of Game of Thrones some of the characters were clean shaven but now very central characters have beards i.e. Jon snow, Jamie Lannister and even Tyroin Lannister.

What is the perfect care routine for facial hair?

At Bullingberg, we recommend washing your beard every 2-3 days. You should pat dry your beard ideally after taking a shower but if you wanted to use a dryer then ensure you are using low-medium heat – we never advice high-highest heat as it can damage hair. Straight after taking a shower, your skin pores are open and receptive to products therefore you should use a beard conditioning oil. Beard oil is an essential part of keeping a healthy beard: it cleans, promotes growth and replaces the natural sebum lost during a thorough wash.

If a man is trying to grow facial hair but having trouble, are there any products he can use/anything he can do to encourage growth?

A healthy diet is vital for nourishing facial hair from within and maintaining the natural growth cycle. On top of that, castor oil is a well-known oil that increases hair growth and strength. But as with any natural remedy it will take lots of time and consistency for results to come about.

What is your favourite facial hair product?

My favourite product is Bullingberg Scandal beard oil. Scandal smells absolutely out of this world! It brings about a blaze of rebellious warmth of honeyed tobacco leaf, before bursting into life with sweet raspberries and intoxicating orange flower. Scandal warms into an intensely seductive base of creamy sandalwood, sensual musks and densely smoky amberwood. 

So, there you have it – everything you could possibly need to know about keeping yourself well-groomed and sporting some seriously cool facial hair.

Thank you to both the dapper gents who spoke with us for this feature, we’ve loved learning a little more about male grooming and how to get our beards looking both cool and healthy! Both Bullingberg and FineFettle have some great products, that both smell amazing and work really well.









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