A Real Slaters Wedding – The Grooms Perspective

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real slaters wedding - a grooms persective

When it comes to wedding suits you can be sure that Slaters has everything you need, from tailoring to highland-wear for any type of ceremony imaginable. We thought you might like to know more about the stories behind the suits, so we recently documented a wedding party fitting in our flagship store. Here’s what Sandy (the groom) had to tell us about being ready for marriage and keeping wedding planning STRESS FREE!

How did you know you were ready to get married and how did you propose?

I had known Emma for 7 years before I proposed but I wouldn’t say there was a standout moment, it just felt like the right time. I had to be very secretive about my proposal plans and it took a bit of plotting with Emma’s family. I booked a room in Airth Castle and pretended that we were just going for a night out. While Emma was in the spa, I decorated the room with rose petals and fairy lights and when she came to the room I proposed.

real slaters wedding

What style of wedding is it, traditional, informal…quirky?

I would say the wedding is mostly informal with some traditional aspects and added surprises for our guests. Neither of us wanted anything too overwhelming, we have chosen to have a non-religious ceremony and have tried to make our day a reflection on us, even down to the music throughout the day.

What type of outfits did you choose and why?

From very early stages of planning the wedding myself and Emma decided that we would have suits. There’s something very classic and timeless about a suit. As much as I like kilts I thought a suit would fit in well with the style and feel of our wedding.

real slaters wedding

Did the bride have a say or was it all left to the boys?

I would say that the decision was mutual between myself and Emma, however her input was very much needed on colours. Our theme is mostly white and silver, but with some colours in the flowers.  My advice to anyone planning a wedding is to be very organised. Keep everything together, the co-ordination between all the companies arriving and supplying things can get a bit confusing.

real slaters wedding

Most important of all, what are the plans for the stag do?

My best man David had a few ideas of what to do but we decided eventually on Gorge walking, then to the whisky distillery and after some dinner and drinks in Glasgow, possibly the casino.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us Sandy, we wish you all the best for your wedding day and can’t wait to see the pics of you all in your finery and hear how it went! For more wedding inspo check out @slaters_wedding on Instagram.

*Pictures by Visual Aspect


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