A Recap on the 2018 Formula One Season

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The 25th of November saw the end of the 2018 Formula One season with this year’s races finishing with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The world’s best-known names in Formula 1 have travelled the globe over the last 8 months, passing through Australia, China, Spain, the UK and plenty of other destinations along the way but what did the results look like this year?

We’re going to be giving you a full recap of what’s happened in the world of Formula One since the start of the season including all the results, the unforgettable moments and details you all want to know.

Australian Grand Prix – 23rd – 25th March

This year’s Formula One season kicked off in Melbourne with the Australian Grand Prix which saw Sebastian Vettel dramatically take the lead over Lewis Hamilton.

It was a poorly timed pit stop that saw Vettel take the lead but Hamilton held his own to secure 2nd place for Mercedes with Kimi Raikkonen coming in third for Ferrari.

Bahrain Grand Prix – 6th – 8th April

Heading over to Sakhir in Bahrain for the 2nd instalment of the 2018 Formula 1 season, Sebastian Vettel remained on top form for Ferrari, securing the top spot for the 2nd time this season, however it wasn’t Hamilton’s weekend as he slipped to 3rd, pushed from his silver position by fellow Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas.

Chinese Grand Prix – 13th – 15th April

Jetting over to Shanghai now, the third weekend of the 2018 Formula One season saw some new faces making their way on to the podium with Vettel dramatically slipping down the leaderboard after a collision with Hamilton.

It was Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo that stole 1st place in Shanghai with Valtteri Bottas staying put in 2nd and Kimi Raikkonen returning to 3rd place.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix – 27th – 29th April

Next stop was Baku in Azerbaijan and Hamilton used a series of errors for his competitors as an opportunity to make his way back up the rankings and firmly secure 1st place for the first time this season.

Next to Hamilton on the podium was Kimi Raikkonen in 2nd place and new addition to this season’s top 3, Force India’s Sergio Perez.

Spanish Grand Prix – 11th – 13th May

After a couple of weeks off, the Formula One racers made their way to Barcelona for the Spanish leg of this season’s races and Lewis Hamilton had clearly used the weeks since Baku as time to clean up his act as he flew to the gold position in Spain too.

Valtteri Bottas managed to make his way back on to the podium in 2nd place and Max Verstappen took 3rd place for the first time this season, helping Red Bull work their way back up the leaderboard again.

Monaco Grand Prix – 24th – 27th May

Monte Carlo saw the return of some familiar faces to the podium with Daniel Ricciardo making a return and stealing the top spot for Red Bull whilst Sebastian Vettel made a reappearance in 2nd place which left Lewis Hamilton, who had previously had a couple of strong races, falling behind in 3rd place.

Although Hamilton saw a drop in position on the podium, he was still leading Vettel by 14 points.

Canadian Grand Prix – 8th – 10th June

The next leg of this year’s Formula One season took the drivers over to the other side of the world to race in Montreal and this race saw another shift in the leaderboard with Lewis Hamilton losing his winning streak and finishing in 5th.

Vettel worked his way back to gold position in an impressive performance but had Valtteri Bottas closely following behind to take 2nd and Max Verstappen in 3rd.

French Grand Prix – 22nd – 24th June

The French leg of this year’s Formula One season took place in Le Castellet and was witness to a complete flip in the leaderboard with Lewis Hamilton doing what he does best and making a complete comeback to reclaim top spot on the podium.

Now 14 points ahead of Vettel again, Hamilton was joined by Max Verstappen in 2nd place for Red Bull and Kimi Raikkonen in 3rd for Ferrari.

Austrian Grand Prix – 29th June – 1st July

The final few days of June saw the Austrian Grand Prix take place in Spielberg and after regaining his lead in France, Lewis Hamilton had a disappointing run in Austria, losing his lead after retiring from the race due to a loss of fuel pressure 8 laps before the end.

Max Verstappen took full advantage of Hamilton’s errors and stole 1st place, followed by Kimi Raikkonen in 2nd and Vettel finishing in 3rd.

British Grand Prix – 6th – 8th July

Silverstone opened its doors in early July for the British round of the season and Lewis Hamilton clearly felt motivated being back on home turf to reclaim his position on the leaderboard.

He may have been beaten for the top spot by Vettel but Hamilton found himself back in the silver position, joined by Kimi Raikkonen who had been enjoying a consistent few weeks on the podium now.

German Grand Prix – 20th – 22nd July

After a couple of weeks’ break, the 2018 Formula One season resumed in Hockenheim, Germany and the time to rest, train and rethink strategies clearly benefited Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes as he came back with resounding success and stole 1st place.

Knocking Vettel completely off the podium, it was Valtteri Bottas that joined Hamilton on the podium as well as Raikkonen who once again secured bronze position.

Hungarian Grand Prix – 27th – 29th July

There was just a week to prepare before the races continued in Budapest, Hungary but the quick turn around clearly didn’t hinder Hamilton’s performance as he stayed firmly in 1st place, extending his lead in the overall rankings even further.

Vettel did, however, make a comeback to take 2nd whilst Raikkonen continued to do what he does best and held his own at 3rd place.

Belgian Grand Prix – 24th – 26th August

The season took a break before returning in late August in Belgium and Vettel came back with a vengeance to end Hamilton’s winning spree by stealing 1st place but with Lewis Hamilton still finishing in 2nd, he was still 17 points ahead.

3rd place finally saw a new taker with Max Verstappen taking the bronze prize home for Red Bull.

Italian Grand Prix – 31st August – 2nd September

The time for rest was now over with the next round taking place in Italy just a week later. Hamilton made another comeback with a monumental win in Monza after fighting tirelessly against Raikkonen throughout to take the leading position.

Raikkonen took 2nd and Valtteri Bottas made his way back to the podium after a few weeks off to secure 3rd.

Singapore Grand Prix – 14th – 16th September

A little under 2 weeks after his win in Italy, Hamilton took the top spot again on the other side of the world in Singapore, leaving Max Verstappen in 2nd and Vettel in 3rd, which of course strengthened Lewis Hamilton’s lead even further in his bid to take the final title.

Russian Grand Prix – 28th – 30th September

Lewis Hamilton’s incredible winning streak continued in Russia with another win, a huge step in the right direction towards his 5th World Championship title.

Valtteri Bottas managed to work his way back into 2nd place whilst Vettel remained in 3rd position, weakening his fight against Hamilton for the top spot.

Japanese Grand Prix – 5th – 7th October

At this point in the season, both Formula One professionals and fans were all mesmerised by Hamilton’s unbreakable winning streak as Japan saw him head to the top of the podium for the 4th time in a row now.

Teammate Valtteri Bottas remained in 2nd place whilst Max Verstappen knocked Vettel off 3rd place.

United States Grand Prix – 19 – 21st October

Just as it looked like Lewis Hamilton was about to cross the finishing line and secure his fifth World Championship, things took a turn and saw Lewis Hamilton drop from his comfortable 1st position and finish in 3rd.

It was Kimi Raikkonen that took 1st place in the US, followed by Max Verstappen in 2nd.

Mexican Grand Prix – 26th – 28th October

The 2018 Mexican Grand Prix will forever be a monumental memory for Lewis Hamilton as it was the race that saw him win his fifth World Championship to equal racing legend, Juan Manuel Fangio.

Although he only finished 4th behind Verstappen and Vettel, Hamilton only needed to place above 7th to take his title home, so comfortably managed to win his trophy.

Brazilian Grand Prix – 9th – 11th November

Although he’d already done all the hard work he needed to do, Lewis Hamilton managed to make his win even better by taking the top spot in Brazil, leaving Verstappen in 2nd and Raikkonen in 3rd.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – 23rd – 25th November

On the weekend of the 23rd – 25th November, the 2018 Formula One season came to a finish and although Hamilton had already taken the crown a few races ago, there was still a fight to the end to secure the best spots below him.

Hamilton finished off his winning streak with a final first place with Vettel placing 2nd and Max Verstappen finishing in 3rd for Red Bull.

Overall, it’s been an exciting season with a lot of highs and lows for some of the world’s most famous drivers but we’re pleased to say Hamilton brought the title home for Great Britain.

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