Accessories for men – the style guide

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mens accessories - how to wear them

Men’s interest in smart attire is on the rise and styling an outfit with accessories is a big part of that, so why and more importantly how do you do it?

A simple combination of accessories can take your outfit from good to great, simple to suave, demure to debonair! (You get the picture) and here’s the best part… it really is one of the easiest ways to take your outfit to the next level.

We’re going to cover the most common questions men have when it comes to accessorising, so hopefully you’ll feel more confident when it comes to adding something extra to your outfit.

What Colour of Accessories go with my Suit?

One of the keys to accessorising is pairing the right colour combos with your outfit – here are our colour guidelines for picking a tie and pocket square:

Light Grey Suit – Pale Blue

Dark Grey Suit – Red

Navy Blue Suit – Pinks

Brown Suit – Yellow

Black Suit – Anything Goes!

*Top Tip – Navy blue and dark grey suits work perfectly with floral ties, and light grey suits compliment pastel colours.

When Do I Need Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are a real love or loathe, some men embrace the ability to customise their shirt whereas others go above and beyond to find a shirt with a buttoned cuff. That said, if you’re looking to inject a bit of personality to your look, then we advise to make the extra effort to wear the double cuff shirt so you can add a bit of flavour with some well-chosen cufflinks.

We have a range of both plain and neutral metal cufflinks, as well as bright and colourful cufflinks, so any man can channel his inner personality on the outside.

When choosing the colour of your cufflinks we’d recommend incorporating a colour that is already in your outfit, this will really bring the whole outfit together.

Should my Belt Make a Statement?

A belt is both a thing of practicality and style, so whether you choose to make a statement with it is up to you.

A simple black or brown belt is perfect for finishing off a suit, whereas a coloured belt or one with a bold buckle is an easy way to accessorise a more casual look with maybe jeans or a smart chino.

We’d recommend pairing a black belt with a black suit, brown with a navy/blue suit and a grey suit looks great with either. If you want to look even more suave, we’d always suggest that your belt colour matches your shoes if you’re wearing smart shoes.

I want a Bold Accessory, What Shall I go for?

One word, Braces. If you’re a man who loves your accessories and are finding that ties and pocket squares just aren’t enough anymore, then braces are for you.

Braces are a great way to add something unique to a suit, as well as expressing a fun, individual style.

We have both plain coloured braces and statement tartan braces that will show off your quirky character, cheekily peeking out from behind your blazer.

Are Socks an Accessory?

In general, socks are for comfort and protection, but if you have an especially distinctive style and an urge to add even more personality to your look, then using your socks to make a statement is a great way to go about it.

When it comes to suits, you can go for the safe option and choose black but when you’re working a casual look, there’s nothing wrong with rolling the ankle of your jeans, and pairing a bold sock with some plain trainers for a fun look.

The range of Happy Socks at Slaters includes a collection of bright, bold and fun socks that are perfect for the modern man.

We hope this has helped you find your feet when it comes to accessorising, and that you now feel ready to add some additions to your outfit to make it even cooler.

If you’re styling some of our recommended accessories, then share your pictures with us on Instagram or Twitter, we always love to see your styles! #suitupinstyle


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