An Expert’s Guide to Coats and Jackets

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mens coats and jackets - what to buy guide

We don’t just pride ourselves on selling great products here at Slaters but also on offering accurate and on-trend style advice to you, our loyal customers.

As winter is fast approaching, all attention has turned towards one of the most popular products for this season, outerwear. Selecting the right men’s coat or jacket is important, especially when balancing fashion and performance. Our expert’s guide will hopefully will answer all your questions. From setting straight some common misconceptions to providing an answer to some age-old style queries, you’ll find it all in this guide to men’s jackets and coats.



Quilted VS Padded

What’s the difference between quilted and padded jackets? Is there a difference? The answer to that is simple, yes!

Many people confuse padded and quilted jackets as being the same style but in fact there is a key noticeable difference between the two styles which helps to define them as two separate kinds of jacket.

Quilted Jacket

Men’s quilted jackets usually feature a diamond or square shaped stitching design across the whole jacket. Although these jackets can be very warm, they are generally made from thinner and lighter fabrics which creates a slimmer/more streamline shape to the jacket. These jackets are more often than not just made from the core fabric and not filled or stuffed with anything for added insulation.

The Sawyers and Hendricks navy quilted jacket is a great example of what a classic men’s quilted jacket looks like. It features the signature square stitching design and is made from a warm fabric but the overall look of the jacket is streamline and straight.

mens quilted jacket

Mens Quilted Jacket

Padded Jacket

Padded jackets usually feature horizontal lines of stitching across the whole jacket that creates padded or puffed strips of fabric which is noticeably different when compared to the quilted jacket design. Men’s padded jackets are often ‘padded out’ as the name would suggest with fillings such as duck or goose feather to create a ‘down jacket’ which helps with insulation however some are just filled with artificial fabrics to give the padded look. These jackets are often bulkier and sometimes heavier in weight due to the added stuffing to give the padded effect.

Our Harvey & Jones navy padded jacket showcases the stitching design of this style perfectly as you can see the vertical lines of stitching that create strips of padded or puffed out fabric. This is an example of a padded down jacket as it is stuffed with feathers to add extra warmth.

mens padded jacket

Mens Padded Jacket

Harrington VS Bomber

Men’s casual jackets are a best seller but we come across a lot of questions about the difference between two popular styles, the Harrington jacket and the bomber jacket.

Harrington Jacket

The men’s Harrington jacket is a classic casual style which features a comfortable and usually relaxed fit with a simple collar and front zip. This understated style is popular with men but should not be confused with the bomber jacket. Harrington jackets are usually made from a matte finish fabric and are designed to have a straight shape. Another common feature of a Harrington jacket is the lining as many are finished with bold interiors, most commonly a classic red tartan.

We’re pleased to share our range of the Lambretta Harrington jackets for men with you which are great examples of a traditional Harrington jacket.

mens harrington jackets

Mens Harrington Jackets

Bomber Jacket

The shape of a bomber jacket is one of the key differences between the two jackets; opposed to the straight shape of the Harrington jacket, a men’s bomber jacket has a rounder shape and the material at the back has a more puffed out appearance to create this shape. Bomber jackets are usually designed with a wide elasticated band around the bottom of the jacket which also helps to create the overall rounded shape and fit. Another noticeable difference between the two styles is that bomber jackets do not have folded over collars like the Harrington jacket but an elasticated band around the collar, similar to the bottom.

The Brave Soul navy zipped bomber jacket is a classic example of a men’s bomber jacket as it features all the signature elements of this style.

mens bomber jacket

Mens Bomber Jacket

The Overcoat

One of the hottest outerwear trends for this season is the men’s overcoat. As with any style trend, the overcoat has been the topic of many conversations in the male fashion world and we can’t help but notice that there’s a few different names for this style of coat flying around.

Most commonly known as an overcoat, this style is also referred to as a topcoat or even a suitcoat. All these names are derived from the idea that this style of jacket is designed to be easy to wear on top of a suit, making it ideal for smart and formal wear.

The length of an overcoat can vary as can the fabric, however traditional overcoats usually end somewhere around the mid-thigh and are clasically made from either pure wool or a wool mix fabric, depending on the price.

The Sawyers and Hendricks navy wool mix overcoat which is exclusive to Slaters, is a perfect example of a traditional overcoat. It is made from a wool blend fabric, has the classic straight and relaxed fit to allow room for a suit underneath and ends around the middle of the wearers thigh.

mens overcoats

Mens Tailored Overcoat

The Pea Coat

Men’s pea coats are often a style of jacket that aren’t referred to by their traditional name and are just labelled as a double-breasted coat but this style has history behind its name.

Pea Coats were once worn by sailors, thought to be most commonly of either European or American origin. They are usually made from a heavy weight wool and are navy in colour. The main feature of this style is the double-breasted shape, showcasing buttons down both sides of the jacket. Due to the number of buttons usually attached to these jackets, the rest of the design is kept simple. Most men’s pea coats end just below the hip and also feature a collar.

Slaters are proud to be the exclusive stockist of the Fellini Tailored navy men’s pea coat which is a classic version of this style. From the double-breasted shape to the dark navy wool mix fabric, this is a perfect option for any man wanting a traditional pea coat.

mens pea coat

Mens Double Breasted Pea Coat

There you have it, a complete guide to understanding the jargon that gets thrown around the world of men’s coats and jackets.

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