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This prom shoot was one with a twist, a jump and a few somersaults… literally. To explain, Airspace Glasgow allowed the Slaters team and our models to take over their trampoline park for a photoshoot packed with fun. Here’s a little sneak peek to our Prom 2017 shoot;


Airspace Glasgow is a 37,000 sq. foot trampoline park, so you can just imagine the day we had! This powerhouse of trampolines with areas for dodgeball, free falling and gladiator-esque games etc. was a great backdrop for some entertaining content. We loved not only shooting here but getting a turn on the facilities ourselves!


We had four young male models and also Josh our resident *parkour. The boys had a great time jumping around and posing, a bit different to shoots they had been on the past we are sure. We were massively impressed with Josh’s skills throughout the day – especially kitted out in a three piece suit look!

*(Parkour – the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing).

proms suits


So of course there was more to the shoot than just a fun filled day of jumping around on trampolines. Our concept is the ‘Sky is the Limit’ and that you should ‘Dare to Jump’ with your Slaters prom suit this year!

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As is traditional now for Slaters campaign shoots, we had the online and marketing team on location. Plus usual suspects, Gavin from Visual Aspect UK and David from Proud Motion capturing the images and video. On makeup duty we had the fantastic Claire Roddie-Aitken from Spotlight Makeup. Also we had the wonderful team from Airspace to make sure we were able to get all the shots we wanted with zero injuries (and only one split suit) occurring!

Now let’s see what we can come up with next year. 😉

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