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When the flood of posters popped up around Glasgow promoting the new exhibition at the Kelvingrove Museum the unashamedly geeky amongst us were instantly excited. Dinosaurs? No. Space and Alien-y things? No. Fancy Cars? No… Even better! The largest EVER collection of the famous Glaswegian comic artist – Frank Quitely, is currently being displayed in Glasgow. So of course, we jumped over to see what it was all about as soon as we possibly could!

batman and robin frank quietly

Batman and Robin: Frank Quitely Exhibition

Quitely is the alter ego of Glasgow born artist Vincent Deighan, whom is nothing short of an absolute God amongst the comic world for his incredible talent.

frank quietly glasgow exhibition

Wonderwoman and Friends: Frank Quitely Exhibition

The impressive collection of art work allows visitors to get up close and personal with the artist’s original and most famous sketches. Some of which include DC superhero legends such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. On top of all that greatness there is also artwork, videos and information on Quietly’s other work such as his collaborations with Morrison and Millar, impressive sketches for Marvels X-men, his own take on an adult version of The Broons and some purely brilliant Walking Dead artwork.

xmen frank quietly exhibition

Xmen: Frank Quitely Exhibition

So I think it is probably obvious from our gushing affectionately geeky babble that we were massive fans of the exhibition and recommend that anyone who has the chance goes along. Lastly, to paraphrase Bruce Wayne, when it comes to talent “Quitely has no limits.”

…..And now we will go back to pretending we are cool for bit.


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