Do You Agree That These Are the UK’s Top Ten Lagers?

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As a nation, we love a beer but we all have our own opinions on which one comes out on top, so we imagine this list of the top 10 lagers in the UK by the Morning Advertiser is going to divide opinion.

Is it possible that there’s really a definitive list of which lagers are best or is it all down to personal opinion? Well, here’s the ‘official’ rankings (based on the best-sellers in pubs) of lagers in the UK:

  1. Amstel

Starting at the bottom of the top 10 list we have Amstel. First created in Amsterdam all the way back in 1870, Amstel is the product of Charles de Pesters and Johannes van Marwijk deciding that beer in the Netherlands just didn’t reach their expected standards, so they set about creating their own.

The Amstel factory has been a landmark in Amsterdam for almost 150 years now and production isn’t set to slow down anytime soon.

  1. Kronenbourg

At number 9 is Kronenbourg, whose most popular beer is Kronenbourg 1664 which is their original brew, a 5.0% pale lager, named after the year the brewery first opened.

Originally, the Kronenbourg Brewery was located in the Free Imperial city of Straßburg but they relocated to Kronenbourg in 1850.

The Kronenbourg brand is now actually owned by the Carlsberg group.

  1. San Miguel

San Miguel was first brewed back in 1890, actually originally created in the Philippines before going on an across the globe journey to become one of the most popular bottled and draft beers in the world.

Taking on Hong Kong in 1903, New York in 1930, finally going home to Spain in 1957 before arriving in the UK in 1967, becoming one of the best selling beers in the Capital.

  1. Tennent’s

A popular one for the Scots reading this – Tennent’s lager comes in at number 7!

Originally produced at the Tennent Caledonian Brewery, Tennent’s lager is now produced by the C&C Group which works out of Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow.

Tennent’s is the market leading pale lager in Scotland and has been since the 1800s!

  1. Coors Light

At number 6 is a lager that is definitely best served chilled – Coors Light.

First brewed back in 1873 using ice cold water from the Rocky Mountains, the concept of serving this beer ice cold has never faded from the brand and has actually been developed further as the years have gone on.

So passionate about enjoying this bottled brew at the right temperature, Coors Light packaging is designed with thermo ink technology that changes colour to indicate when your bottle or can is cool enough to enjoy properly.

  1. Stella Artois

An iconic and popular lager brand here in the UK, Stella Artois may have slipped down the rankings since 2017 but it is still considered the 5th best seller.

Brewing roots date back to the 1300s for the producers of Stella Artois but in more recent years, Stella have cemented their iconic status with the creation of the classic chalice pint glass that is recognisable in all pubs and bars across the UK, so everyone knows you’re drinking Stella.

  1. Peroni Nastro Azzurro

An Italian brew – Peroni Brewery brew two iconic lagers, their most popular being the one that has come in at number 4 in the rankings, Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Peroni have been brewing since 1846 and Nastro Azzurro is considered their premium lager which as well as being ranked number 4 in the best-selling trade beers, was also voted the 13th best selling beer in the UK in 2010.

  1. Carlsberg

One of the biggest brewing groups here in the UK, Carlsberg’s original lager is a favourite amongst pub punters, coming in at number 3.

Carlsberg first became available in the UK in 1868, 21 years after the brewery was first formed in Copenhagen. It wasn’t until the 1950s when lager really took off in the UK but Carlsberg was at the forefront of this with the UK becoming the brand’s most important export market.

  1. Foster’s

Produced by Heineken in the UK, Foster’s is one of the biggest brands of lager with it being recognised across the globe.

Foster’s is now available on draft and in a can and is the product of two Irish-American brothers who first started brewing the lager in New York in 1889, at which time it was only available bottled.


Taking the top spot as the best selling lager in UK pubs is Carling.

Possibly the UK’s favourite due to their British roots, Carling is brewed in Burton on Trent in England, made using Red Tractor approved barley that is also sourced within Britain.

Available in cans and on draft, Carling produce both popular lagers and ciders and are set to be one of the UK’s favourites for a long time to come.

So, there you have it, the top 10 favourite lagers available in UK pubs but do you agree with the rankings?

Would you say Carling is deserving of the top spot or is there a lager you think has been cheated of a spot in this list? Let us know on Twitter!



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