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Whether it be for a wedding, charity night, prom or any other formal event we can often be put off by the dinner suit look due to uncertainty of how to do it properly. The truth is when done right the dinner suit look is beyond dapper and sophisticatedly stylish. Some trends surrounding the dinner suit look this year are the classic all black look and the white dinner jacket.

ryan gosling in a dinner suit

Ryan Gosling, making it look so easy.

Ryan Gosling made a real stylish statement at the Cannes premiere of the Nice Guys this year in a perfectly fitted white dinner suit jacket with navy trousers and bow tie.  Cannes is known for its elegance and class, which Gosling embodied seamlessly when he stepped out in this look. He was also one of biggest style inspirations for us when dressing our models for the A/W 16 campaign.

white dinner suits

Osh MacKenzie channeling the 007 vibe

Here we have Osh pulling off the white jacket look in an entirely fashionable manner. This polished look is packed with charisma, style and glamour. We urge you to take the jump and buy a white dinner suit jacket this year; it is a versatile piece which is endlessly chic. Impress the crowd with this daring but dapper look that not all are brave enough to adorn.

black dinner suit from slaters

Matthew Ponde exuding pure class

Not keen on the white jacket? The classic black dinner suit is refined, dapper and easily worn for anyone not looking to take the leap. Just check Matt out in our Harry Brown black three piece dinner suit looking all to cool!

We are concluding that everyone can pull off an elegant, stylish look by adorning the classic dinner suit look. So guys, get out there a grab yourself a dinner suit, you won’t regret it.

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