Ellen Talking…Review of Baby Driver

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baby driver review ellen talking.

Well hello avid readers, welcome to the second installment of Ellen Talking…as our resident critic of all things music, movies and food. We thought we’d channel her energetic verbal energies into the written word. Rated or slated she doesn’t hold back.

Hello! Ellen here…this week I’m reviewing Baby Driver, don’t worry…no spoliers inlcuded.

Baby Driver is actually one of those rare films that left me a bit lost for words, making it kind of hard to review! Firstly, I’ve got to say Baby Driver felt entirely original and surprised me in ways I didn’t expect. Yes, it is a thriller but with an almost soft and jazzy energy. Over-all an enjoyable watch but not worth all the hype, with that in mind, I’m gonna give Baby Driver a solid 3.5/5.

For me, Kevin Spacey’s character ‘Doc’ was the stand out, he portrayed his cold and unhinged yet slightly lovable character to a tee. Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx also deserve a mention as they played their bad-to-the-bone characters in a believable way.

If we turn our attention to the Baby Driver himself, (Ansel Elgort) who is best known as the sweet boy from Fault in our Stars.  He plays a getaway driver like no-other who stumbled into the crime scene as a result of a troubled past. I personally liked Elgort but felt there was a lot left to be explored with the role of Baby and the movie itself would have benefited from a bit more development of the character.

There are questions some unanswered questions,  for instance, how did Baby become such a sick driver? The Jackie Stewart-esque skills that the boy possesses are not learned over night and are slightly unbelievable in such a young pup.

Finally, let’s talk music – the thing I was most excited about on the run up to Baby Driver was the soundtrack. As the great Hans Zimmer once said ‘music is 50% of the film’ and Baby Driver does have a pretty good soundtrack. The use of music is clever and undoubtedly a lot of scenes would’ve fallen flat without the soulful and funky backing tracks. The music is integral to Baby Driver and I would say it has made it into my top 20 movie soundtracks, although…due to the hype I will admit I was expecting it to be higher. Also with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise setting the bar so freaking high it almost, (to quote from another iconic musical film), puts “Baby In The Corner”.

So I definitely did not hate Baby Driver, I just didn’t love it as much as I was sure I would. Totally worth the trip to cinema because as I said it is very original and unlike any film I’ve seen in a while. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Baby Driver if you have had the pleasure of seeing it yet, comment below or chat to us on Twitter.


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