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review of the mummy - ellen talking

Well hello avid readers, welcome to Ellen Talking…as our resident critic of all things music, movies and food. We thought we’d channel her energetic verbal energies into the written word. Rated or slated she doesn’t hold back.

Hello! Ellen here…this week’s chat is about the new instalment of The Mummy, if you’re not a fan of candour, I’d advise you to read no further…

So, onto the topic in hand! I’m not ashamed to say I loved the original Mummy movies, well not Scorpion King but I don’t even allow that monstrosity to come into my mind when fondly remembering the franchise. So of course there was no holding me back when the movie hit the pics earlier this month.

Now being truthful, when I found out Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz were not part of the cast, my heart broke a little, I may even have almost shed a tear! Albeit a sad blow, I decided not to let it put me off and I promise you I went into that cinema with an open mind!

So, what did I actually think of the newest edition? In all honesty – hated it. I’d give it a shameful 1.5/5 at the Slaters HO. There was a distinct lack of the silly, comic timing and low-key charm that the first two movies held. I’m not saying Tom Cruise was terrible but the character he played didn’t manage to channel the goofy arraogance and lovable rogue persona that Brendan potrayed so perfectly.

the mummy review

The joke is on Tom Cruise…

Gotta give Sofia Boutella some credit though, she nailed Ahmanet. She embodied the evil Princess from the past perfectly and was all in all pretty epic. I felt her vengeance and really could have used more Ahmanet focused scenes throughout the movie.

The Mummy is the first instalment of Universal Pictures Dark Universe, which is set to release a bunch of movies featuring monsters and demi-gods such as Jekyll and Hyde and Frankenstein. Although I’m not rating this first glimpse into what Universal are trying to create I’m intrigued to see where they are going with Dark Universe and will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

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