EndGame… Are you ready!? *SPOILERS ALERT*

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TODAY, yes today, is a day Marvel fans have waited for what feels like our entire adulthood. The Avengers are about to face what might be their final battle, the end of a millennial era and the build up to this movie has been monumental. So monumental that before you watch EndGame a brief recap is good for the ole’ memory.

So we’ve got a whole universe of heroes in the MCU. Introduced in Phase 1 of movies were Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow. This was the MCU where the heroes were fighting villains that only really affected the safety of their own planets.

Phase 2 introduced the newer faces of The Guardians of the Galaxy and was also when the infinity stones started to become an important part of the narrative. The oversized purple powerhouse that is Thanos vowed to collect all of the infinity stones himself after his monkeys let him down.

Phase 3 was craaaaaazy, filled with destruction and action. It introduced some really cool heroes in the form of Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel. This was also the phase that divided the Avengers with their views on the Sokovia Accords which took away the teams right to be a private organisation.

It can be a little hard to keep up with all of these guys’ antics but what you really need to know is all of these heroes have joined force to beat the ultimate baddie with a smashing fist, Thanos.

So the baddie is a man of his scary, scary word and despite the efforts of everyone in Infinity war, he got all of the stones. He also destroyed a few of our favourite characters on his quest. So everyone is pretty peeved with big T, what does he do? Clicks his finger, completes his mission and instantly wipes out half of the WHOLE UNIVERSES population. Yup, gone, adios, do not pass go. Some of the heroes who have shaped MCU from day one just faded away to nothing. And then what? The End.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest movie cliff hangers of our time. That’s our very brief recap of what has happened in the build up to EndGame, we could write a dissertation on the full story. It is just that in-depth.

We are more than excited about tomorrows release with some of the office even staying up late for midnight showing. It is with genuine sadness we see this all come to an end but we’ve got a feeling it is going to be good one. Let us know what your thoughts on this final chapter of the MCU.


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