Everything You Need to Know About the 2018/19 Premier League

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The World Cup may have only ended less than a month ago but the wait for the next football season to start has felt long. Tonight, the Premier League is back and we’re more than ready to have football back on the TV.

We’re going to be getting you ready for the new football season by sharing with you everything you need to know about the fixtures taking place in the 2018/19 Premier League, as well as a few tips and tricks for dressing the part if you’re heading to a match!

What is the Premier League?

If you’re a football novice trying to sharpen up your knowledge, the Premier League is an English football tournament and this year is the 26th year of it being played after it started in 1992.

The tournament is played between first division clubs and not countries, making it different to tournaments such as the World Cup.

Manchester City currently hold the trophy but Manchester United hold the most Premier League trophies, winning the tournament 13 times.

This Month’s Premier League Fixtures

If you want to make sure you’re either available to go to the match or watch it, here are the fixtures currently arranged for August:

Friday 10th August

8:00pm – Manchester United vs Leicester (Sky Sports)

Saturday 11th August

12:30pm – Newcastle vs Spurs (Sky Sports)

3:00pm – Bournemouth vs Cardiff

3:00pm – Fulham vs Crystal Palace

3:00pm – Huddersfield vs Chelsea

3:00pm – Watford vs Brighton

5:30pm – Wolves vs Everton (BT Sport)

Sunday 12th August

1:30pm – Liverpool vs West Ham (Sky Sports)

1:30pm – Southampton vs Burnley

4:00pm – Arsenal vs Manchester City (Sky Sports)

Saturday 18th August

12:30pm – Cardiff vs Newcastle (Sky Sports)

3:00pm – Burnley vs Watford

3:00pm – Everton vs Southampton

3:00pm – Leicester vs Wolves

3:00pm – Spurs vs Fulham

3:00pm – West Ham vs Bournemouth

5:30pm – Chelsea vs Arsenal (BT Sport)

Sunday 19th August

1:30pm – Burnley vs Watford

1:30pm – Manchester City vs Huddersfield (Sky Sports)

4:00pm – Brighton vs Manchester United (Sky Sports)

Monday 20th August

8:00pm – Crystal Palace vs Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Saturday 25th August

12:30pm – Wolves vs Manchester City (Sky Sports)

3:00pm – Arsenal vs West Ham

3:00pm – Bournemouth vs Everton

3:00pm – Fulham vs Burnley

3:00pm – Huddersfield vs Cardiff

3:00pm – Southampton vs Leicester

5:30pm – Liverpool vs Brighton (BT Sport)

Sunday 26th August

1:30pm – Watford vs Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

4:00pm – Newcastle vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Monday 27th August

8:00pm – Manchester United vs Spurs (Sky Sports)

The Premier League continues until the end of 2018, so for further details on fixtures, check out the Premier League website for full details of when and where all the matches of the tournament will be played.

What to Wear

Whether you’re going to be at the heart of the action watching one of the games live from the stadium or you’re heading to the pub with the lads for a few beers and to watch the match, these are the outfits you need to be sporting!

Of course, we understand if you wish to swap in your team’s football shirt to show your full support when watching the match!

The football season is set to be a busy one but we want to know what plans you’ve got for watching the matches! Takeaway and beer at home with mates? Trip to the pub? Have you managed to get your hands on tickets to one of the big games? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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