Festival Fashion for Men 2019

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Festival season has officially begun but what should you be wearing for your fun-filled, music-packed weekends away this year?

Here’s the Slater Menswear official guide for men’s festival fashion 2019:

Men’s Festival Jackets

The jacket is a key part of any man’s festival look and there are two key styles to choose from but honestly, the weather will probably make the decision for you.

First up, you’ve got the waterproof but we’ve become wise to the weather here in the UK, now learning that the likelihood is that we will need a waterproof jacket at some point during festival season, so we’ve become a nation of bold and colourful waterproof lovers!

Our standards have been raised when it comes to choosing the perfect rainproof jacket, opting for bright colours and statement patterns that mean our outfits still look cool despite being noticeably damp.

Or, if the weather plays in your favour then the ultimate festival jacket for men is always denim. One half of the perfect double denim look that is big for men at festivals or perfect for pairing with some quirky trousers if that’s your style – either way, denim is a must for men at festivals!

Men’s Festival Trousers

There’s no denying that the fashion for men attending Coachella tends to be a little different to those heading to Leeds or Glastonbury but either way, there are three key styles for trousers that men tend to choose from for festivals:

  1. The Classic Festival Short – they’re easy, they’re reliable and when it comes to festivals, they can be worn rain or shine, so why wouldn’t you opt for shorts? Whether you go denim, chino or something a little sportier, a pair of shorts will always see you well through a festival.
  2. The Ripped Jean – a hot trend for men fresh from over-seas festivals, extreme ripped jeans have become a go-to for men at festivals, giving a simple yet edgy look if you like to stand out from the crowd.
  3. The Bold Trouser – the ideal choice for the man who likes to show off his creative and quirky side at a festival, a boldly coloured or strongly patterned trouser is an easy way to make a statement and depending on the fit and fabric, can be super comfortable too.

Men’s Festival Tops

When it comes to the top half of your festival outfit, you can go casual and comfortable or a show how a shirt can be worn in a whole new way but which option do you prefer?

T-shirts are lightweight and comfortable and depending on whether you go plain, coloured or patterned will depend on how bold your outfit but shirts for festivals are becoming more and more popular and rather than looking a statement, are becoming the norm.

Pretty much always a short sleeve shirt to keep things casual, slightly looser fitting, button up, open collar short sleeve shirts in both eye-catching prints and plain colours are perfect for helping you experiment with your style but also keep things on trend.

Festival Accessories

When it comes to accessorising your festival look, there are a lot of avenues you could go down. For footwear, you’ve got your practical and basic walking boots, wellies and trainers for drier days but there’s also the option to up the budget and go for some seriously fancy, designer festival footwear.

Hats are another big part of many festival outfits, from the bucket hat to the baseball cap but whichever you choose, if it’s hot, just make sure you wear one because nothing kills your mood like sunstroke or sunburn!

So, are you festival ready? Shop casualwear at Slater Menswear and get kitted out for your big weekend away!


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