Game of Thrones – Top 5 Moments

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game of thrones top 5 moments

Before we leap into our top 5 GOT moments, we would like to give an Honouree Mention to our favourite quote: ”You know nothing…”

A simple line, possibly one of the simplest lines ever spoken in GOT (or any other TV show for that matter). These three words have most certainly become ‘‘a thing’’, the source of countless memes, fan art and hilarious videos. Even Kit Harington himself can see the funny side, making self-deprecating jokes about it during interviews and on the red carpet.

Thank you Ygritte, you fiery haired wildling…thank you for this gem.

jon snow knows nothing

”I know nothing…I really don’t”

And so to the matter at hand, in the run up to Monday the 17th July when Game of Thrones returns to our screens, (Sky Atlantic, 9pm sharp people, don’t’ be late) we are getting back in the game (as it were) and remembering some of our favourite moments from seasons past, plus some fun facts and GOT trivia that you may not have heard before…

The Red Wedding

GREY WIND…. WHY WHY WHY! Okay so putting the unadulterated heartbreak of Grey Wind aside, this episode was beyond brutal and had an ending so devastating we were left utterly shell-shocked. Entire families were all but wiped out, mothers and unborn children murdered and once again an innocent Direwolf slain. Despite the passage of 4 seasons since this momentous moment it remains one of the most talked about scenes in GOT history.

When Ned lost his Head

As the recognised central character from day 1, we were beautifully lured into the false sense of security that Ned would be sticking around for a while…for a good few of seasons at least! But no…as has been proved many times, no one is safe. You can be the biggest star in Hollywood, the viewer’s favourite character, even the King in the North…none of that matters. Just another reason why we love this show…its unpredictable nature and ability to keep you hooked even when your fave’s are brutally slaughtered in an often gory and unimaginable manner.

*Ned Stark Trivia* Did you know…during the filming of the decapitation scene Sean Bean spent time larking around with the model of his head kicking it about like a football.

The Battle of the Bastards

Well, this may in fact be the most memorable of ALL the episodes. The choreography of the battle itself was nothing short of a small-screen cinematic masterpiece. Combined with the oh so satisfying end to Ramsay Bolton’s reign of terror, this has to be a favourite among most GOT fans.

*Ramsay Bolton Trivia* Iwan Rheon who went on to play the atrocious Ramsay Bolton, was the runner up for the part of Jon Snow, narrowly pipped to the post by Kit Harrington…looking back now we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Wildfire at the Battle of Blackwater

One word – Explosive!! When it looked like all was lost, Tyrion acting as the Hand of the King pulls a blinder, (literally) sending a small boat into the bay seeping out the highly explosive chemical wildfire. All Bronn had to do was light the wick – propelling a flaming arrow towards that little boat and causing the furious, fiery green blast that all but decimated the enemy.

Joffrey’s Sticky End

Second only to the satisfaction of Lord Bolton’s delicious demise, watching the sadistic Joffrey choke to death on a cup of poisoned wine brought deep joy to the masses. After his appalling treatment of our hero (Tyrion) we couldn’t have been more ready for this fitting end to his catastrophic, catalogue of cruelty.

*Joffrey Baratheon Trivia* After the airing of the very first episode, George R.R Martin – author of A Song of Ice and Fire wrote a letter to actor Jack Gleeson regarding his portrayal of Joffrey saying simply “Congratulations, everyone hates you!”

So there you have it fans, our top 5 – tell us below what your memorable moments are, or keep the chat going on Instagram or Twitter.



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