Get the Love Island Look: Dress Like the Boys of 2019

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Love Island 2019 came to an end on the 29th July, seeing the final four couples say goodbye to the villa for the very last time and Amber and Greg take home the £50,000 prize but all of their names are still at the front of our minds as they’ve joined the rest of their fellow islanders in the outside world and taken the internet by storm.

We saw a snapshot of their signature styles inside the villa and we’ve become even more familiar with their go-to looks now they’re back in the real world but how can you get the Love Island look and dress like the lads of this series?

Well, here’s how:

Callum Macleod

He may have been the first to say farewell to the Love Island experience but Callum hit our screens during episode one and made a series of brief but often hilarious appearances throughout the first week of this year’s show.

His style is simple and very classic, often a t-shirt or polo paired with a pair of tight-fitting jeans and trainers, an easy look to recreate and pull off, perfect for all your casual occasions.

Joe Garratt

Despite appearing to find all he could’ve ever wanted in Lucie, Joe’s stay on the island was brief but his style has certainly left a lasting impression on us.

Never one to shy away from a shirt, Joe’s go-to look has to be a t-shirt layered with an oversized, open shirt, usually featuring a bold check or upon his entrance to the villa, we even saw a couple of floral numbers make an appearance.

Tom Walker

He’ll forever be remembered for making Maura the angriest we’ve probably ever seen her but we can’t ignore that he did have a dapper sense of style throughout his style in the villa.

A lover of the smart casual look, Tom stepped back into the UK after his stint in Majorca wearing a crisp white shirt and a pair of navy chino shorts – a summer look all men should be inspired by!

Marvin Brooks

He tried his best to win Maura over but it just wasn’t meant to be but one thing Marvin definitely did fall in love with in the villa was swimming shorts and according to his Instagram, the love affair has continued.

Apparently never out of a pair of swim trunks, Marvin likes to go all out with colour and pattern for his beachwear and we’re not surprised given the dress code for the beach this year is definitely ‘go big or go home’.

George Rains

His ‘snack chat’ may have made Lucie run in the other direction but there’s no denying that George really was a bit of a blonde bombshell this series, sporting a very different look facially to the other lads inside the villa yet when it comes to his clothes, he was pretty classic.

A big fan of a jacket or an overshirt, George’s social media shows what a lover of a leather jacket he is, typically pairing his with a t-shirt and some slim-fitting jeans.

Danny Williams

Nicknamed the ‘travel agent’ during his time in the villa due to the fact every girl that coupled up with him ended up on the next flight home, Danny Williams certainly got people talking during his time in the villa but for us? His sense of style was the topic on our minds.

A big advocate for double denim, Danny has been seen sporting a blue denim jacket with black denim jeans on a number of occasions and it has really got us rethinking this once shunned style.

Michael Griffiths

One of the most talked-about Islanders of the year due to his ever-changing mind, Michael certainly hit the headlines this summer but we couldn’t help but notice his signature style amongst his media storm – his go-to item being the on-trend grey check trousers.

Pairing these slim-fitting trousers with a t-shirt, polo shirt and smart trainers on multiple occasions throughout the series, there’s no denying that Michael has become known for this look.

Jordan Hames

One half of possibly the most dramatic argument of the 2019 series, Jordan Hames entered the villa as a bombshell a few weeks in and has continued to make statements throughout, including with his style.

Never one to shy away from colour or pattern, Jordan shows lads how to work lighter colours with ease, pairing pale trousers with white t-shirts and complete the look with pale coloured shoes too, staying away from black on many occasions.

Chris Taylor

The islander so many of us wish had entered the villa earlier, Chris was one of the last bombshells to hit the villa and had us all laughing with his unique charm from the minute he entered but there’s one thing we couldn’t ignore about Chris and that’s his love of a bold print.

There’s no doubt that Chris’ signature style is a bravely printed shirt, paired with skinny jeans and a loafer style shoe, a look that really shows off his personality.

Anton Danyluk

One of the most unlucky in love lads for the majority of the season but Anton’s luck changed when Belle walked through the door during Casa Amor and he’s been one of our favourites on screen ever since.

Lover of a short-sleeved shirt and a tight pair of trousers at all times, Anton likes to go a little smarter than some of the other lads but one thing that is always guaranteed is that he’ll be wearing something that shows off the arm muscles!

Ovie Soko

Crowned the public’s winner from the day he entered, 6ft 7” Ovie’s style can be summed up in one word – HATS.

The man has shown us a whole new love for this simple accessory and made us all want to explore options other than the classic baseball cap. When he’s not wearing sportswear, Ovie loves a bold print, be it a shirt or shorts and his experimental style has definitely made us all keen to try wearing more daring prints.

Curtis Pritchard

The ballroom dancer that shocked the nation with his shock change of heart during Casa Amor, Curtis Pritchard is never afraid to express himself, be it through a few dance moves or his style and he certainly doesn’t play it safe.

From bold shirts to recreating Danny Zuko’s classic leather jacket look from Grease, Curtis has pushed the boat out with his outfits in the villa at times and we can’t blame him because with confidence like his, you really can pull anything off!

Tommy Fury

A favourite for the nation from the moment he entered the villa, old fashioned romantic Tommy Fury got lots of ladies talking this series and his classic, ‘laddish’ style has been envied by many.

Often found in a pair of tight black jeans with a white t-shirt or light grey jumper, Tommy’s style is youthful and relaxed, much like his attitude – the perfect match.

Greg O’Shea

The last bombshell to hit the villa and one that made a real impression, Greg swooped in and saved the day for heartbroken Amber just in time to become the country’s sweetheart and take home one half of the £50,000 prize after winning the series after his short stay on the island!

Rugby player Grey usually keeps it cool and relaxed with his looks, normally sporting a pair of skinny jeans with either a bold polo or open neck shirt, rarely shying away from colour or print!

So, they’re the key items the Love Island lads are loving at the moment but what do you think of their signature styles?

Who’s look will you be coupling up with? Let us know on Twitter!

Get the Love Island Look: Dress Like the Boys of 2019


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