Grooms of Slater Menswear – A Small Understated Greek Wedding

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We can happily say that thousands of wedding suits are purchased from our 25 stores or on the Slater Menswear website every year. Where possible we like to keep in touch with as many of these gents as possible.

We pride ourselves on forming a connection with our grooms. We don’t just care about the suits they wear on their big day but the whole event, so we like to know how everything went once the occasion has been and gone.

We sat down with one of our 2016 Slater Menswear grooms, John Butcher and got the low down on how his big day went.

In September 2016 John married long term girlfriend Rebecca in Greece during a romantic and truly picturesque ceremony before partying the night away under the Greek skies. John and his grooms’ party sported blue three-piece suits with white shirts, cream accessories and brown brogues, a modern and truly timeless choice.


John has agreed to tell us about his experience and shares some tips on how to keep the peace between bride and groom in the run up to the big day!

groom in blue suits

What Made You Decide to Get Married in Greece Opposed to the UK?

We had always dreamed of getting married abroad. In the UK you cannot guarantee the weather and ensuring we had a sunny day was a huge deciding factor.

Did the Location for Your Wedding Impact the Suits You Chose?

Yes, we were getting married outside so wanted to make sure the suits were vibrant in colour and fitted in well with the wedding theme.

A Lot of People Go More Casual When Marrying Abroad, What Made You Choose a Traditional Three Piece for a Hot Summer Wedding?

Whilst getting married abroad we wanted to uphold a smart dress code so a 3 piece suit was a must. A 3 piece was chosen on the basis on jackets could be worn for the ceremony but after that jackets would be off and the wedding party would still look smart in a waistcoat.

How Did You Come to the Decision That Navy Blue Suits Were Right for Your Day?

We spent a lot of time looking at other weddings abroad on Pinterest and blogs. Whilst beige and grey looked smart we felt blue suits really stood out in the pictures.

Did You Make All the Decisions When it Came to the Groomswear or Did Your ‘Wife to Be’ Play a Big Part in Picking Your Attire?

We decided on the colour of the suits together then I spent a lot of time looking online for my “top 3” options but the final decision of the exact suit we chose was a joint decision.

groom waiting for bride

How Did Your Slater Menswear Shopping Experience Work?

Two of my top three suits were in Slaters so we decided to head down to the Manchester store to have a look at both. On arrival into store we spoke with a member of staff who kindly measured me up and grabbed both suits for me to try on. Straight away we had a suit both my wife and I decided on. It fitted great, was available in the range of sizes we needed and complemented the bridesmaid colours perfectly *TOP TIP ALERT (we took a sample of the dresses with us).

The following weekend I went in with my wedding party who lived up near Manchester (Dad, Father or Bride, Best Man and one of the brothers) we all got measured up and tried the suits on. 3 out of 4 were an off the shelf fit and the 4th needed some alterations so we left it with the store. We ended up making a day of it and grabbing food and drinks after the fitting, was a great way of everyone meeting and getting to know each other.

The other member of the wedding party, my wife’s brother, lived down south so it wasn’t easy for him to come to Manchester. The store arranged for him to nip into Bromley and get measured up, they then sent the measurements to Manchester and the final suit was purchased.

If You Had the Chance to Relive Your Special Day, Would You Pick the Same Suits Again?

100%, whilst the weather was 37 degrees on the day we didn’t feel overly warm in the suits and in the pictures, they look great. We actually had a UK party a few weeks after we got home and we all wore the suits again, they cleaned up great and looked like new again.

If You Could Give One Piece of Advice to a Groom to Be Who Is About to Start Suit Shopping, What Would it Be?

Use the Slaters Wedding Suits Finder! It is likely you know the theme and rough idea on colour you’re after, the Slaters finder then does all the hard work for you. It also only brings back the sizes that match your party so you don’t have the frustration of finding suits that then don’t have your wedding party sizes available.

If You Could Sum Up Your Slater Menswear Suit Shopping Experience in 3 Words, What Would They Be?

I’d simply have to say – fantastic customer service.

Well, there you have it. The story of a real Slater Menswear groom and how amazing it is to hear how much he enjoyed shopping for his suit with us.

John mentioned how much he recommends our Wedding Suits Finder tool, so be sure to follow his advice and check it out if you’re a groom to be about to start your suit shopping journey.

Did you tie the knot in a Slater Menswear suit and want to share your story? We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch on Twitter or Instagram!


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