Groomsmen Gift Guide

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groomsman gift guide

Giving your groomsmen gifts on your big day is an age-old tradition but the gifts that are given have changed with time. Whether you want to give something traditional or modern and whatever budget you’re working with, there’s a perfect gift for your groomsmen at Slater Menswear!

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite groomsmen gifts that we think will suit every man perfectly, so carry on reading to explore our groomsmen gift guide!


A classic choice of groomsmen gift is cufflinks. An option that can work for all styles and budgets, we have an extensive collection of cufflinks here, so you can find the pair that will be a perfect pick for each of your groomsmen.

Prices range from £10 to £25 a pair and are brought to you by brands such as Guthrie & Valentine, Fellini Tailored and ONESIX5IVE.

Whether you pick a pair that will be the ideal match for the wedding suits you’ve chosen or you choose a design that suits their individual style, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect pair here.

grooms gifts cufflinks


If you and your groomsmen like to spend your weekends in the pub enjoying good company and even better spirits, then a hipflask is the perfect gift to give as a thank you on your big day.

Hipflasks don’t have to break the bank when you choose one from Slater Menswear. We have a vast selection in various sizes and designs, so you can pick the perfect one for each of your groomsmen.

Prices start from as little as £9 and range up to our more premium offerings at £32. Whether you want a traditional silver hipflask or a fun and quirky design they’ll treasure forever, we’ve got the right hipflask for you!

groomsmen gifts hipflask


Kilt Pin

If you’re having a traditional highland wedding and want your gifts for the groomsmen to have an authentic feel then a kilt pin is a great choice.

As Slater Menswear was founded in Glasgow before launching across the UK, highland wear is at the heart of our business. We have a range of highland attire and accessories, including an extensive collection of kilt pins.

Whatever your budget or theme, we’ve got the perfect kilt pin for you to gift to each member of your grooms’ party.

mens gifts for wedding


Silk Tie

Ties are a perfect gift for your groomsmen; not only can they sport them on your big day and all look sharp and ready to accompany you at the altar but they’ll also get plenty of use out of it afterwards.

Choosing a silk tie gives this gift an added touch of luxury but when you shop the range of silk ties here, you won’t end up breaking the bank while buying them.

We’ve got a vast array of colours and patterns in our collection of silk ties, so you’re guaranteed to be able to find one that suits your wedding theme the best.

tie gifts


Gifts for your groomsmen don’t always have to be expensive and extravagant because it’s the thought that counts. If your budget for the big day has run out by the time you come to choosing gifts for your closest friends, why not choose socks as a fun and quirky thank you gift?

Whether you choose one of our bright and colourful pairs from Happy Socks or give a pair of socks that will hold a memory with our grooms’ party socks, we’ve got the perfect socks to suit your groomsmen.

A cheap and cheerful way to give a little something for your groomsmen to remember your big day by, our range of socks start from just £3.

socks gifts

Whatever budget you have to spend on gifts for your groomsmen, make sure you spend it wisely by shopping the range of groomsmen gifts at Slater Menswear.

Did you give your closest mates some seriously cool gifts on your big day? We’d love to know what gifts you gave, so let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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