Hot Off the Catwalk – The Double Breasted Suit

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The double-breasted suit; it’s a seriously suave statement but it’s back on trend and it appears it’s not just us here at Slater Menswear that are loving the look.

Double breasted suits played a big part in the men’s Paris Fashion Week just a few weeks ago and this dapper formal style even made it into GQ’s top looks of the event, so we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on these super cool suits and show you how to work this hot off the catwalk look.

Double Breasted Suits on the Catwalk

Fashion Week catwalks are known for showcasing the edgiest and most innovative of style, so it’s fair to say we were anticipating they’d work a double-breasted suit in ways we’d never even thought of and we weren’t wrong.

Another big trend off the SS19 catwalk was wearing two-piece suits without a shirt underneath and that’s a style they tested out with a double-breasted jacket, an interesting and daring look that only the most confident of men could pull off.

Pairing the double-breasted suit together in this way relaxes what is usually a very formal look, almost creating the idea that suits can be comfortable for summer by minimising the layers and letting your suit jacket be your shirt.

It’s quite an ‘out there’ approach to sporting this look and perhaps one we’ll envy from afar…

Double Breasted Suits at Slater Menswear

When it comes to double-breasted suits here at Slater Menswear, we take a slightly more traditional route when styling them, embracing the smart, old-school look and dressing them in a formal way.

We’ve got a whole selection of double-breasted suits, all showcasing that classic structured shape but what makes our range stand out from the rest are the bold colours and prints we’ve chosen.

This shape of suit is all about being a bit more daring, the style itself isn’t your go-to safe suit, so why play it cool with the fabric?

From bright blues to statement checks, we’ve gone all out with our collection of double-breasted suits to create a range of formal tailoring for men who like to express themselves through their style and break away from your classic three-piece suit!

How to Work the Look

So, you’ve picked your favourite double-breasted suit from our selection and now you want to know how to style it. Well, the good news for you is, it’s super easy.

Obviously, you could take influence from the Paris catwalk and sport it solo but if you want more of the Slater Menswear look, we recommend that you keep things simple, coordinated and let the suit do the talking.

Because we embrace bolder fabrics when it comes to double-breasted suits, you want to make sure your accessories aren’t overpowering, so we’d recommend a light coloured shirt like a white or pale blue and a tie that perfectly compliments the colours in the suit.

Slater Menswear ambassador Sam Reece perfectly showcases the look below; his accessories may not be plain and simple but they’ve been carefully selected to work with his statement suits and enhance the suit, instead of detracting from it.

We’re so glad the double-breasted suit has come back in fashion and we can’t wait to work the look for many more years to come.

Are you the proud owner of one of these effortlessly cool suits? How do you style it? Share your pictures with us on Twitter or Instagram!

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    Ellen, Totally agree on the double breasted suit making a come back! Love your tell on it as well! Very well written. Will be ordering one or two suits from Slaters soon! Continue to stay classy…

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