How a Suit Should Fit


Do you know what a well-fitted suit looks like? What are the key tell-tale signs of how a suit should fit?

Our new campaign “Suit Up Stand Out” (Part 1 – The Encounter) looks at how a suit should fit and the difference it can make to a silhouette.

We take a look at the top 6 signs of how a suit should fit, so that if your looking to update the tailoring wardrobe you know what to look for!

1. Shoulders, Collar and Back

We’re not talking about the latest massage treatments. The shoulder of a suit should sit on the natural curve of your shoulder with no excess fabric overhanging.

The collar shouldn’t gape around the neck and the fabric shouldn’t pull across the back.

2. The Chest

When your jacket is buttoned up, if you struggle to fit your hand in flat then your jacket is too tight and if you can fit your hand in with loads of excess room then the jacket is definitely too big.

The perfect fit is where your hand fits neatly between the chest and the jacket without excess room.

3. Jacket Length & Waist

The suit jacket length should only just cover the pockets of your trousers and the waist should define your silhouette to avoid looking too boxy.

4. Jacket Sleeve Length

This is a question that our sales staff gets asked countless times a day, what length should my jacket sleeve be? Should I show cuff?
The answer is simple, it’s all down to personal preference. Traditionally, the correct length would allow for 1cm-1.5cm of shirt cuff to show but some guys prefer it with 0.5cm of cuff showing or no cuff at all. What we can say for certain is that you don’t want it too short, but our staff are there to advise you of the correct length for you.

5. The trouser waist and seat

The best way to judge if a pair of trousers are too tight, is to look and see if they are pulling across the crotch. If you’re in between sizes, don’t worry some trousers can be let out at the waist to give you extra comfort.
Top Tip – when trying on trousers, take a seat – if you can sit down comfortably and don’t pull across the hips or waist they are the right fit.

6. Trouser Length

This can change depending on the cut of the suit or your personal style. Traditionally, trousers sat just over the shoe, however the more modern look is for the trousers to just touch the shoe or in some cases; sit just on the ankle completing the no socks look.

What we can say for certain is that unlike the sleeve length you don’t want the trousers too long, but our staff are there to advise you of the correct length for you.

There you have it, the top 6 steps on how a suit should fit. Browse our suits online or visit a store today to get the personal experience.

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  • Alan Ingram


    Today I bought in your Cardiff store.a Fellinl blue Pindot 3 piece suit. The jacket is regular . Is a small version available.?

    • Kim


      Hi Alan, if you would like to email with the details of your purchase our customer service team will be able to help you. Thanks! Kim

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