How Last Minute Can You Actually Buy Your Wedding Suit?

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Some people are naturally organised and others are not and the same applies when it comes to wedding planning. Some couples are non-stop organising from the day they get engaged whereas others are a little more last minute with their arrangements but we all know there are certain timescales with wedding planning you just don’t have a lot of control over.

Venues normally need plenty of notice to get your big day booked in, caterers need contacting well in advance but what about suit shopping? How last minute can you really choose your wedding suit and still get a great one?

Buying Online

If you decide to take advantage of our online suit shopping tool, the Wedding Suits Finder and order your suits online then technically, if your suit is a perfect fit first time, you can leave it pretty last minute.

We offer next day delivery on a lot of our suits but these orders must be placed Monday – Thursday and before 4pm to receive them next day and the cost of our next day delivery service is £6.99.

If you have a little more time to play with, our standard delivery takes 2-3 working days and is free for orders over £75 which means for the majority of wedding suits ordered online, standard delivery is always free.

If you’re confident your suit is going to fit first time and won’t need altering, then you can afford to leave things a little later but if you have any doubt it will need altering, allowing a few weeks for this to be done is essential.

We offer free alterations on all suits purchased in store and online but for suits ordered online, you must receive your items and take them into store for alterations to take place. Alterations on individual suits can take between 1-2 weeks and for multiple suits, we ask that you allow at least 4 weeks for these alterations to take place.

If you think your suit is going to require alterations, then it will need bringing to a store for this to take place, so it may be worthwhile using our collect in store service which includes free delivery to your local store and takes 3-5 working days. You can then try your suit on in store and arrange alterations straight away.

Buying In Store

If you’re on a tight time frame, buying your suit in store is definitely your best option as you can try it on there and then, take it home that day if it fits fine or send it off for alterations on the same day.

There are 26 Slater Menswear stores across the UK, all of which have an extensive range of wedding suits in store for purchase, so you won’t be short of styles to choose from whichever store you visit.

Each Slater Menswear store is run by a team of menswear experts, all of which are trained in measuring you up for a suit and helping you find your perfect fit, so they’ll be able to help you find the right suit and organise any alterations that need making.


If you’re going to hire your suit then more time is going to have to be allowed for organising your suits as you won’t be able to take your suits away the day you choose them.

For larger wedding parties requiring multiple suits, we recommend you visit your local store to pick your outfits 3-4 months before the event, come for another fitting 4 weeks before the event and then your outfits will be ready 2-3 days before the event.

If you’re just looking to hire just one suit, this can be organised at shorter notice but we recommend coming in store at least 4-weeks before the event and the same rules apply with the suit arriving 2-3 days before the event.

All hire bookings require a 50% deposit upon booking and the outfits must be returned by 9am on the second day after your event unless agreed with the store otherwise.

So, if you’ve left it a little last minute to sort your wedding suit, there isn’t that much need to worry, particularly if you’re buying as opposed to hiring.

We recommend leaving it no later than a couple of months before the big day but if time really does run away from you, don’t worry too much, there are always ways to get a perfectly fitting suit to you in no time!




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