How Much Should You Spend On a Suit?

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It is very likely that you spend a large amount of your time at work yet it is unlikely you know how much you should be spending on your work attire. There is no definitive answer to this question as the price you should pay for a suit really depends on your specific needs and wants.

There are three main components that make a suit – the fit, quality and style but the price a suit costs you will most likely be down where you are planning on wearing it. We have created a rough guide on how much you can expect to pay for a suit;

Everyday Office Wear – £79-£125

If you are looking for a suit for work on a daily basis then chances are you will want a classic looking suit that is durable. Our Performance and Fellini Traveller two piece suits are designed to be the perfect business suit as they are hard wearing, crease resistant and stain repellent. The price you will pay for these great suits at Slater Menswear starts at a measly £79. We recommend for your everyday office suit you pay £79-£125. Discover our business suits from £79.

Special Business Meeting or Formal Events – £200-£300

If you’ve got a big meeting with an important client or it’s the annual ball, then you’ll really want to look and feel your best. You are going to have to spend a few more bucks to achieve this. Your suit needs to stand out from the crowd, it needs to make a lasting impression. We recommend a luxury or designer suit for these kinds of occasions, which you will need to spend £200-£300 on. Explore our range of designer suits from Ted Baker, Sleek Street, Magee and more.

A Suit for an Interview -£55+

Again this one depends massively on the level of job you are applying for. Say it’s an entry position role, you will be nervous, you will want to make a great impression but you may not have a lot a funds and suits ain’t cheap! You can get a smart and stylish two piece suit from Slater Menswear for as little as £55. Our new £75 Value Suit Package with suit, shirt, tie and pocket square is the perfect package for an interview, find out more.

Free Alterations

One of the main components that makes a suit look dapper and expensive is the fit. You can have any suit purchased from Slater Menswear tailored for you with our free in-store alterations service. Our staff are trained professionals and will be happy to help you with a free fitting before recommending alterations.

We hope this simple guide on how much to spend on work suits helps you with your next workwear purchases. If you get your work attire from Slater Menswear tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – we’d love to see you all suited and ready for ‘work’ domination!


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