How Should a Suit Fit? – A Complete Guide to How a Suit Should Fit

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Picking a perfect fitting suit is easier said than done, especially when ordering online, so we’re going to be sharing with you all the top tips on how to measure yourself for a suit and the best pieces of advice for how a suit should fit to ensure you look dapper for every occasion.

How to Measure Yourself for a Suit

We’re passionate about making ordering suits online easy and stress-free which is why our size guides are extremely detailed and we’ve also prepared an easy to follow video tutorial for how to measure yourself for a suit on our YouTube channel.

There are a few key measurements you need to take to know exactly what size suit you require and you can get them yourself or with the help of someone else at home using a simple tape measure.

The first measurement you need to take is the waist. Wrap the tape measure around your waist and leave a finger space between the tape measure and the body. You can then move on to measuring the chest; this is measured by wrapping the tape measure around the chest, passing just underneath the armpits, again leaving a fingers width between the tape measure and body.

You’ll also need to measure your arm length, this can be done by pulling the tape measure straight down from the top of the shoulder to the wrist, making sure the tape measure is totally straight.

To measure your leg length, you can do this easily by finding another pair of trousers you already own that fit well and measuring from the crotch to the bottom of the trouser, keeping the trousers and tape measure straight.

To measure your neck, undo the top button of your shirt if you’re wearing one and wrap the tape measure carefully around the bottom of the neck, underneath the Adam’s apple, leaving at least a fingers width between the tape and your neck, or a little more if you feel it is more comfortable.

Take all these measurements to the nearest inch and you should be well on your way to being able to order a suit online that fits like it was made for you.

How A Suit Should Really Fit

Every cut of suit will fit differently and it’s important you look into the proper fit of the suit you’re choosing before purchasing to ensure it’s a fit that will flatter your frame and be comfortable for you.

Tailored fit suits are one of the most common and popular fits as they’re smart yet comfortable, perfect for men of all shapes and sizes. A well-fitting tailored suit should be fitted across the shoulders, nipped in at the waist, a standard length jacket that sits just below the hips. Tailored fitting suit trousers will be slightly tapered and have a break at the top of the shoe.

As for slim fit suits, everything gets a little tighter and more streamlined, making this a more modern and eye-catching choice. Slim fits will usually have slimmer lapels, a narrower shoulder width and narrower chest. The jacket for a slim fit jacket will also usually be a little shorter, sitting on the hips rather than below them. As you’d expect, the trousers of a slim fit suit are tighter and more tapered, particularly at the ankle.

The tightest fitting suit of them all, skinny fit suits have an extremely close fitting shape and you have to choose the perfect size to avoid this kind of suit feeling uncomfortable or restrictive. The lapels of a skinny fitting suit jacket are even narrower and the shoulders are very fitted. There’s no excess fabric around the waist of a skinny fit jacket and the jacket is usually shorter like a slim fit. The trousers are very tapered with a very clean, strong shape, finishing with a break above the shoe.

Buying a suit online doesn’t have to be risky when you’ve got advice such as our suit size guides and video tutorials available to use whenever you need them!

We hope this has been of use if you’re interested in purchasing a suit online at Slater Menswear. With so many to choose from, we’re confident that any man will be able to find the perfect one here!


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