How Suit Fittings Work at Slater Menswear

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We’re all about that perfect fitting suit here at Slater Menswear and although we believe that our size guides can be the perfect tool to help you choose the right size when ordering a suit online, if you’re heading to one of our stores to find the right outfit for your next formal occasion, then letting our experts help you is the ultimate way to getting the best fit possible.

As Slater Menswear started as a tailors back in the 1900’s, our suit fitting process is totally unique to any other high street menswear retailer and we offer a premium fitting service for suits that won’t break the bank, so if you’re considering heading to your local Slaters store to pick out a new suit and want to know what to expect when you get there, carry on reading.

Step 1 – Finding Your Store                  

Before you can head into store, you need to find the most local one to you and you can do that using the Slater Menswear store locator.

We now have 26 stores across the UK after the recent opening of our brand new store in Chelmsford, which means no matter where you’re located in England, Wales or Scotland, you’ll never be too far from one of our shops, making us one of the most accessible menswear retailers around.

So, once you’ve picked your store, it’s time to head in and move on to the fun part – the shopping!

Step 2 – Picking Your Favourite Suits

We like to follow your lead when it comes to suit fittings in store, so once you’re in store, we’ll work with you to customise your shopping experience.

You can either head to our suits department and browse by yourself, picking out suits you like the look of or hunting out suits you liked the look of online or you can find a member of staff to help you select a suit that matches your brief.

We’ve got suits in store from an array of brands at varying prices points, in different styles and to cater for different occasions and we understand it can be a lot to take in if you’re new to the store, so asking one of our team to give you a tour of the suit department and sharing what you’re looking for with them can make finding the right suits to try on quicker and easier.

Step 3 – Trying On

We have fitting rooms in all of our stores with mirrors inside so you can see your full look before you reveal it to everyone on the outside.

A member of the team will show you to an available fitting room and if required, find you a shirt and shoes to try your suit on with so you can get a proper look at the fit and a better idea of the final look.

Your dedicated Slaters staff member will then wait outside for you to get the suits on and be ready with their tape measure for when you come out to advise of any alterations that need making but as well as technical advice, our team are always there to give style tips too, so whether that be how they’d accessorise it, how they’d button up the jacket and waistcoat or another fashion trick they recommend, our service is personal to help you get that ultimate look.

Step 4 – Organising Alterations

Once you’ve tried on all the suits you’re interested in and worked with our team to help you pick the suit you’d like to purchase, our expertly trained staff can then get the final measurements for any alterations that are required.

Slaters alterations are a little different to any other kind of alterations and that’s because they’re free for every suit purchased in store! Yes, that’s right, if you buy a suit from Slater Menswear and it needs a little work doing to be a custom fit for you, we’ll do all of that for free.

We have an in-house team of tailors and seamstresses who handle all the alterations sent from our stores and we ask that you give us at least a week to get one suit sent off, altered and returned to store however if you’re hiring suits for a party, we will require longer but this will be discussed with you at the time of choosing the suits.

We’ll provide you with a date for you to collect the suit after its alterations when you pay for suits being purchased and not hired.

Step 5 – Trying Your Altered Suit On

Once the date has arrived for your suit to arrive back in store, all you need to do is head into the store you purchased it from or agreed on collection from and head to the collections desk. Simply present your receipt and the member of the team working on the desk will be able to find your suit.

They’ll then confirm the alterations that were made and invite you to try the suit on again to check it’s now your perfect fit with the changes. As long as you’re happy, your suit will now be bagged up and you can be on your way to your special event to show off your new suit.

If for any reason, you’re not happy with the alterations, we can arrange for the suit to be sent off again for changes to be made, however, this is rare as we work closely with you when measuring for alterations before the suit is sent to be changed.

So, there you have it, that’s how a suit fitting works at Slater Menswear. A personal and professional service that always results in a dapper suit that fits like it was made just for you.

Explore the range of men’s suits at Slaters and then head in store to work with our expert team to find your perfect fit.


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