How to Become a Pancake Pro in Time for Shrove Tuesday

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Valentine’s Day is great but we’ve got Pancake Day to celebrate first and for the real foodies, that always takes priority. Shrove Tuesday is nearly here, so it’s time to turn your attention towards thinking about the recipes you’ll be following, the toppings you’ll be choosing and the kit you’ll be using.

We’ve all got our ‘go-to’ family pancake recipes but we think it’s time to mix it up, so we’ve paired up with some of our favourite brands to share some of the best pancake recipes around. We’re also going to be introducing you to some great pancake making gadgets and giving you some inspiration for super cool and seriously tasty topping combinations.

The Classic with a Twist by Shaken Udder

You may be familiar with Shaken Udder for their unbeatably good milkshakes, so what better way to mix up your pancake day than to swap out the plain milk in your recipe for one of their tasty shakes?

The Shaken Udder milkshakes are available in five flavours: banana, chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel and strawberries and cream, so you can pick the one that will create the flavour of pancakes you fancy!

 pancakes with a twist

Pancakes with a Protein Hit by Protein World

If you’re working hard in the gym but fancy a treat on Pancake Day then you’ll be pleased to hear about this recipe from Protein World. These quick and easy to make protein pancakes have just a couple of ingredients yet are still a tasty treat for Shrove Tuesday!

As well as packing a big protein hit, the ‘Slender Pancake’ powder is soy free, lactose free, suitable for vegetarians and filled with Biotin, B6 and B1.

Add even more flavour to your healthier pancakes by adding one of Protein World’s new zero calorie syrups on top. With the new additions, you can now choose from vanilla, sticky toffee or maple syrup flavours.

Porridge Pancakes by Flahavan’s Oats

Porridge is a staple breakfast for many of us and Flahavan’s is the number one organic oat brand in the UK. If you’re a porridge lover looking for a way to mix up your classic pancake recipes, then this creative recipe that uses either fresh oats or leftover porridge is perfect for you! Flahavan’s recommend topping your pancakes with grilled honey and orange figs and a helping of Greek yogurt but you could easily change the accompaniments to whatever you fancy.

porridge pancakes

Gluten Free Chocolate Chia Pancakes by Linwoods and Peachy Palate

If you’re sticking to a gluten free diet then you may be thinking that pancake day just won’t be the same but thanks to Linwoods, that’s no longer the case. They’ve teamed up with Michelle Hunt from Peachy Palate, a recipe and content creator, to come up with their tasty and totally gluten free chocolate chia pancakes!

Linwoods are leading producers of health foods in the UK and they believe that everyone needs to experience the goodness of chia seeds! Their sweet but nutritious chocolate chia pancakes are gluten free, vegan friendly and packed with fibre and omega 3.


Game Changing Topping Combinations

The way you choose to top your pancake really is a make or break situation. You’ve mixed up the ultimate batter, perfected your flipping technique, the final step to creating the perfect pancake is to finish it with the ideal topping, so what are you going to choose?

We’ve already introduced you to Protein World’s zero calorie syrups, Flahavan’s grilled honey and orange figs and a rich chocolate sauce by Linwoods but if none of those are taking your fancy, maybe one of the below will.

Chocolate with Banana/Strawberries – chocolate paired with fruit is a favourite for most and with the help of Jim Jams Spreads, can even be a healthier topping too. Opposed to melting chocolate or using a high sugar spread, their chocolate spreads contain just 8.7g of sugar per 100g of spread, meaning adding chocolate to your fruit doesn’t have to be unhealthy (and is still super tasty).

Bacon and Maple Syrup – once a popular flavour combination over in America, the partnership that is bacon and maple syrup is now a well-loved choice in the UK. The contrast of salty bacon and sweet syrup is a match made in heaven and perfect for taking pancakes from a light dessert to a hearty breakfast.

Ice Cream – you may be thinking that ice cream is a pretty standard choice and the perfect way to up the calorie count of your pancakes but if you want to enjoy this classic combination without feeling guilty, you need to try Oppo ice cream! Containing 60% less sugar than regular ice cream and just 37-43 calories per scoop, Oppo ice cream is the perfect option if you want to go for the classic pancakes and ice cream combo but not pile on the pounds.

Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring though, made with coconut oil and stevia leaf, Oppo ice cream is available in multiple flavours including salted caramel, vanilla, mint choc swirl and chocolate hazelnut.

Chinese Spring Onions – go the extra mile this pancake day and take inspiration for your topping of choice from across the globe by opting for Chinese spring onions. A flavourful choice that makes pancakes perfect as a main course, add the flavours of spring onions and sesame oil to your Shrove Tuesday.

Lemon and Sugar with a Twist – lemon and sugar are a long-standing favourite when it comes to pancake toppings but why not add a sophisticated twist to give this classic combination a revamp! Inspired by the caramelised lemon and sugar ‘glamcakes’ on the menu at Bill’s Restaurants for pancake day 2018, caramelise pieces of lemon in a pan with sugar and layer on pancakes with golden syrup and caster sugar (or save yourself the washing up and head to your local Bill’s and let them do the work for you!)

Must Have Pancake Making Gadgets

No matter how much of a pancake professional you think you are, if there’s a gadget that’s going to make the job easier then we’re all going to be interested. There’s plenty of pancake making kit out there that is designed to ensure you get perfect pancakes every time and we’re going to be sharing with you a couple of our favourites.

Better Batter Shaker by Ginger Fox

The Better Batter shaker by Ginger Fox is designed to combat the two key problems people have when making pancakes. Whether you always measure the ingredients wrong or you’re renowned for getting batter all over the kitchen while whisking, this is the gadget for you.

A simple design but highly effective, the Better Batter shaker has the recipe for basic pancakes and Yorkshire puddings on one side and measurement markers on the other, so all you have to do is follow the recipe, add the right ingredients into the shaker to reach the right lines, shake and then pour into the pan.

batter shaker

Raclette Grill with Crepe & Pancake Plate by Alfresia

If you want to avoid Pancake Day chaos, make your life as easy as possible with the Vitinni raclette grill with crepe and pancake plate by Alfresia. Using the dedicated crepe and pancake plate, you can cook your pancakes in one section while you cook toppings such as bacon and chocolate sauce in other areas but all on one machine.

For just £29.99, we think this is an investment worth making for an easy life on pancake day!

pancake plate

There you have it, everything you could possibly need to know in preparation for pancake day. We hope you’ve found this useful if you’re on the hunt for new pancake recipes, creative topping ideas, essential gadgets or just advice on how to make good pancakes.

We’d love to know what your Shrove Tuesday traditions are, so let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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