How to Clash Colours Well

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When it comes to clashing colours, we often think of this as a fashion faux pas as opposed to a style success but looking at some of the world’s top icons in the world of men’s clothing, clashing colours is definitely on-trend right now… but how do you do it well?

There’s definitely a right and a wrong way to wear bold colours together and we’re going to be providing you with our top tips for working the look well.

  1. Choose Your Colours Well

We all know the classic colour combinations that just go together effortlessly such as black and white, navy and pink, burgundy and grey but when it comes to branching out from these go-to pairings, there are definitely still some dos and don’ts.

Although the colours you’ll be pairing together are noticeably different and equally as bold as each other, there are some colours that just do not look right together and they can be perfect examples of a statement style gone wrong!

Bright blue and yellow look great together, despite both being so bold, as do green and burgundy but green and purple? It’s a no go!

  1. Choose Your Items Wisely

When it comes to choosing how you’re going to clash your colours, you need to pick your items carefully as this can be the difference between mastering the look and missing out.

A bright blue suit with striking yellow tie is a perfect way to work the look, as is a burgundy jumper with a bright green shirt collar folded over the neckline but a statement coloured top paired with equally as bold trousers? Probably best to avoid!

  1. Go for Colour OR Pattern

When we get confident with our style, it can be easy to want to throw everything at your outfit all at once to show off your new risqué style but patience is key and choosing just bold colours or just vibrant prints for your look is the best way to stay looking stylish whilst making a statement.

Clashing colours is one technique but trying to pair bright colours and quirky patterns together is a whole other and may be a step too far for anyone, no matter how fashion forward you consider yourself to be, so stick to one statement or the other.

Either go for the patterned trousers or the colourful shirt, just not in one look!

From the catwalk to the high street, clashing colours is a look in the menswear world that is definitely hot right now and there’s no reason you can’t try it yourself! Explore your wardrobe and see what colourful items you can find and see how they pair together!

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