How to Dress Like a ‘Cool Dad’

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We’ve all heard the comment, ‘you look like my dad’ and unfortunately for the person on the receiving end, it isn’t usually a compliment but when did ‘dad style’ become a thing and a negative one at that?

Seeing as being a dad is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, we think taking this role on is a pretty cool thing to do but how can you dress in a way that means you’re on trend and show off your personality but can also run around the park with ease?

Well, here are the celebrities and influencers who are also dads that are giving us a masterclass in how to be a ‘cool dad’ day in day out, without even trying!

Mike – The Neu Dad

He’s effortlessly cool, he’s got the smart casual look off to perfection – it’s Mike from The Neu Dad.

London based dad blogger, Mike, who is dad to the equally as cool Marley, shows dads how keeping it cool can look so good – especially when you pick the right brands.

Not one to show off with heavily branded items of clothing but by scrolling his social media, you can spot that Mike is a fan of some of the men’s clothing brands we also love here at Slater Menswear, including Crew Clothing but that isn’t the only reason Mike is a bit of a style inspiration to us.

Some of Mike’s outfits include a tweed blazer, a classic polo shirt with jeans and even a quirky patterned shirt from time to time, all of the looks we love here at Slaters, so of course, we think he’s a seriously cool looking dad!

Tom Fletcher

When you think of Tom Fletcher, you might automatically think of McFly but he’s actually a dad of three young boys now but that has not led to a shift in his ever-cool and slightly quirky style.

As big of a fan of jeans and a designer tee as he is of a bold suit, Tom’s style ranges from school run cool to night out dapper and honestly, we’re loving his diverse approach to fashion.

Tom regularly sports some of our signature styles here at Slater Menswear, including a floral shirt, a plain t-shirt with an open denim shirt layered on top and of course, for those extra special occasions, he’s not one to shy away from an eye-catching suit!

Simon – Father of Daughters

Husband to well-known mummy blogger, Clemmie at Mother of Daughters, Simon Hooper is also now an influencer in his own right and an author, showing how he balances being his own person whilst being the best possible husband and dad to the 5 women in his household.

He may be outnumbered by females at home but Simon’s style is classically masculine and we love his simple and easy day to day fashion sense that always looks spot on for the occasion.

There’s no denying that Simon is a fan of denim jeans, a plain t-shirt and a knitted jumper but as we’re sure all dads will agree – we all are! These staple items don’t have to break the bank yet always look, suitable for styling up or down and helping you always look effortlessly dapper!

Sandy Beales

Bass guitarist for JP Cooper and at one time, One Direction, Sandy Beales is one of our biggest dad style icons because he’s actually been one of our Slater Menswear ambassadors in the past, so it’s needless to say that his style is spot on what we love!

Working as a musician, Sandy has a pretty exciting life that ranges from at-home dad duties all the way to rubbing shoulders with the best in the business and performing to thousands but it seems his style never suffers due to how busy he is – he’s always dressed spot on for the occasion.

Effortlessly cool, smart casual is what we love to wear on a daily basis here at Slater Menswear and is also the look we think works perfectly for dads wanting to look dapper whilst still being dressed practically and Sandy is certainly an inspiration for how to do this well.

So, there are four guys that make ‘looking like a dad’ a definite compliment. Their styles all have certain things in common such as choosing basic staples and wearing them time and time again in different ways, going all out with colour and pattern on the special occasions but day to day, keeping it simple and practical because dad duties always come above fashion-forward outfits!

What’s your go-to ‘dad uniform’? Let us know on Twitter!



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