How to Dress Smartly in Summer

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Summer can be a tricky time for men who have to dress formally day in and day out. The heat can get a little much when you’re wrapped up in a suit and tie and many men dread smart occasions in the warm weather.

We’ve been dressing men for over 20 years, so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about what to wear across the seasons. Today we’re going to be sharing our top tips for dressing smart in summer whilst still keeping yourself cool.

Treat Yourself to a Linen Suit

If you’re a man in a job that has a non-negotiable ‘suit and tie’ dress code no matter what the weather, our best piece of advice for you would be to invest in a linen suit.

Although part of our wedding collection, linen suits are suitable for all formal occasions and we can’t stress enough how much they will change your style game if you have to stay smart throughout the summer months.

A thinner, lighter and more breathable fabric that is still in a formal and tailored fit, our linen suits are available in stone and navy to suit every man’s style, our men’s linen suits comprise of trousers, waistcoats and jackets, all of which can be bought separately dependent on whether you want a full three-piece, an everyday two-piece or just an individual item.

Pair with a light shirt and smart loafers and you’ll be looking and feeling cool in the office all summer long.

linen suit for men

Stock Up on Short Sleeved Shirts

We’ve all experienced trying to wear a long sleeve shirt for a formal occasion when the sun is really beating down and we’re confident that any man will agree that it truly is unbearable, so if you’re heading to an occasion that calls for a formal shirt but you know the weather is going to be hot, stock up on short sleeved shirts and you’re bound to be more comfortable.

We have a selection of smart short sleeved shirts that are designed with looking smart in summer in mind. Available in a range of colours and fits, we’ve got the perfect summer shirt for every man and outfit for prices as low as £12.

Swap Laces for Loafers

Smart footwear in summer is a constant struggle for men. Many women will opt for smart sandals in summer but men don’t really have this option, so if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are suitable for pairing with a suit whilst still being comfortable in the heat, you need to ditch your lace-up shoes and swap for a pair of loafers.

Loafers can be worn without socks and look seriously stylish paired with a formal outfit such as a suit, making them the ideal answer for work in the warm weather. Justin Reece’s loafers in both tan and navy are real best-sellers, especially at this time of year but the Timberland boat shoes are also an ideal option for both casual and formal wear during the summer season.

mens loafers

Smarten Up a Pair of Chino Shorts

If your dress code is ‘smart casual’ and you just can’t stand to wear full-length formal trousers, chino shorts are about to become your best friend.

The ultimate option for when you can afford to go a little more casual but you do need to keep things relatively smart, chino shorts can be paired with a smart short sleeved shirt and some leather trainers for a dapper smart yet comfortable look, ideal for social events on warm summer evenings.

ONESIX5IVE have a whole selection of flattering and affordable chino shorts in a range of colours to suit every occasion such as stone, navy, bright blue and burgundy.

mens sumemr casualwear

Summer doesn’t have to turn into a fashion faux pas with the help of all the smart summer clothes for men at Slater Menswear. We hope you’ve found these top tips for dressing smartly in the warmer weather helpful and we can’t wait to see the summer looks you create.

If you find yourself out and about sporting any items from Slater Menswear, always be sure to grab a picture and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram!


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