How to Get Fit for Summer

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There’s one thing most of us are working towards at this time of year and that’s getting ourselves fit for summer!

With the hotter weather just months away now, we’re on the countdown to get in shape for summer, so we’ve enlisted some of the UK’s top fitness experts to help us all get ready for the season ahead!

Here are all the tips you need to create the perfect routine that will see you fit and healthy in time for the warm weather:

  1. Diet Matters Most

According to Luke Hughes, a qualified Personal trainer from the OriGym Centre of Excellence, when it comes to getting in shape, exercise only accounts for 20% of your results, the other 80% is all down to your diet.

Luke recommends meal planning for the week ahead, prepping as much of your food in advances as you possibly can and eating smaller meals, more often, so your daily diet is made up of 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks.

Vicki Anstey, one of the UK’s leading fitness experts and owner of Barreworks fitness studio in Richmond, says that a high protein diet is key to getting the shape you want for summer. Eating more protein doesn’t just keep you fuller for longer but builds muscle mass and helps boost your metabolism.

  1. Plan Ahead When It Comes to Workouts

Luke’s advice for getting in your best shape in the best time possible? Ditch your time-consuming cardio and up the amount of HIIT and weight workouts you’re doing.

As a qualified PT, Luke knows all too well that eating well but not exercising will just result in losing muscle mass which isn’t how you get that strong frame you’re probably after but a well-planned mix of HIIT workouts and weight lifting will burn fat and build muscle.

Vicki also praises the benefits and results of HIIT workouts, telling us how this kind of workout maximises calorie burn and not just during your workout but afterwards too. Vicky also recommends Cross Fit for a fast yet hardcore workout with maximum results.

  1. Focus on Your Core to Build Abs

If your focus for getting in shape for summer is your abs then core exercises are where you need to be turning your attention. Luke recommends exercises such as bicycle crunches, sit ups, press ups, planks and side crunches as effective bodyweight exercises you can do at home without any equipment.

  1. Improve Your Hydration

We’re always told to drink more water and there are endless benefits to keeping yourself properly hydrated but did you know that improving your hydration could also help with weight loss and getting in shape?

Drinking the recommended daily intake of water or more can help stop you feeling hungry between meals and snacking but it also helps your metabolism work as well as possible which will, in turn, help you burn calories.

A top tip from Vicki to not just make your water more appealing to drink but to boost your metabolism too, add ice to your water, simple but an effective way to accelerate the benefits to the body of drinking water!

  1. Have the Right Mindset

Although making visible changes to your body requires physical action, Luke rightly told us how your success in changing your physique is highly dependent on having the right mindset!

Patience is key to getting the results you want. Small yet visible changes will occur quite quickly but you then need to have the patience, commitment and dedication to continue with the changes you’ve made and get the full results.

The changes you want won’t happen instantly but with patience, they will come soon enough!

So, with the help of these top 5, easy to follow tips, you could be sporting your dream physique this summer without a problem!

Do you have any top tips for getting in shape quickly and effectively? Share them with us on Twitter!



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