How to Go from a Wrapping Disaster to The Wrapping Master

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how to wrap presents

It’s undeniable that Christmas is a big event and most of us like to go all out and really show off our skills over the festive season! Whether you fancy yourself the perfect present picker or the host with the most, there’s one area of gift giving that many of us have to admit is a weakness, and that’s the wrapping.

There’s nothing more disappointing than choosing the best gift for someone special and then making a real mess of the wrapping, so we’re going to share with you our top tips for going from a wrapping disaster to the wrapping master!

  1. Choose Your Paper Wisely

If you’re not much of a wrapping enthusiast, then you’re probably under the impression that all wrapping paper is the same and does the same job but that’s where you’re wrong! Choosing the quality of the paper you’re going to use carefully is going to make your life a lot easier! Everyone has their own preference, but a general rule is that if the paper is low quality or thin/flimsy then it may rip easily if you work with it too roughly, especially if your gift or its packaging has sharp corners but if it is too thick or stiff then it’s difficult to fold and nearly impossible to create a clean, sharp finish, so always have a feel before you buy!

  1. Avoid Textured Paper

If you’re a bit of a wrapping novice, then textured paper is not going to be your friend! As much as we all love the wow factor of a glittery paper or a metallic finish, sticky tape doesn’t tend to agree with these kinds of textures and you can find yourself spending more time re-sticking folds down than wrapping and decorating! If you’re just starting out, stick to a classic, matte/smooth finish paper!

  1. Don’t Allocate Too Much Paper

The cause of most wrapping disasters is too much paper, so measuring the present first and allocating the right amount of paper is going to help the process go a lot smoother! Don’t always place the present in the centre of the sheet of paper and just trim off the roll, move the item around and figure out roughly how much you’ll need! Less paper means less chance of disaster!

  1. Fold Your Edges

There’s no shame in not being able to cut the paper off the roll in a straight line, it’s quite a common issue when wrapping, so here’s a hack for keeping everything looking neat and sharp! When you come to do your main fold across the centre of the present, fold both edges of the wrapping paper over just once, about a 1cm fold and then fold across the present and tape as normal! This keeps the fold straight and clean!

how to wrap christmas presents


  1. Save Your Scraps

If you’ve got off-cuts of paper or ribbon from one present, don’t throw them in the bin until you’re done as they could come in handy to cover a mistake on another gift! Not allocated enough paper? Use your off cuts of paper or ribbon to cover the gap!

  1. Cover Your Mistakes with Decorations

We’re sure many wrapping haters can relate to this but when you’re not a fan of gift wrapping, you tend to do the bare minimum to get by which certainly doesn’t involve decorating; but what you might not have thought about is that it’s the decorations that could save your wrapping efforts! If you’ve made a bit of a mess of the ends, adding a thick ribbon length way around the present is a perfect way to cover that up! Top of the present not looking too neat? Sticking a big bow or embellishment over the offending area can quite easily make that problem disappear!

If these top tips aren’t enough to turn your wrapping talents around, then we don’t think anything will!

If you follow any of this advice when it comes to wrapping your presents this festive season, be sure to share your snaps with us on Twitter or Instagram to show us how you’ve got on.




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