How to Host the Best Bonfire Night Party

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bonfire night party

Once Halloween has been and gone, there’s little time to rest before it’s time to start planning your bonfire night celebrations.

Whether you usually visit a local firework display or like to stay at home and celebrate in your own garden, we think it is a great occasion to get socialising and have some fun.

If you’re planning on seeing bonfire night out with a bang this year and think throwing a party is the best way to do that then we’re sure you’ll be eager to hear our top tips and favourite products for throwing the best bonfire night party.

We’ve put together a complete guide for hosting the ultimate event, including recipes, music and even top tips for putting on an unforgettable firework display, carry on reading if you’re keen to become an unbeatable party host.

The Food

One of the most important parts of any social event is the food and when it comes to a themed celebration such as bonfire night, it’s essential that your food is something special.

If you fancy trying any of these recipes for yourself, just save the image of the recipe to your phone or computer and have it in front of you wherever you’re cooking!

‘Mapples’ – Maple Syrup Covered Apples

A Canadian twist on the classic toffee apple, developed by ‘We Love Maple’ using their top-quality syrup, these sweet treats are perfect for snacking on while watching the fireworks!

maple syrup covered apples

Puff Pastry Catherine Wheels

This fun, firework themed recipe developed by Waitrose is the perfect seasonal snack for any bonfire party.

puff pastry catherine wheels

 Fireworks Parkin

It doesn’t get better than parkin on bonfire night, so why not try serving up this ‘fireworks parkin’ recipe. This has all the goodness of the classic spiced ginger cake but with a special flare to the decoration.

fireworks parkin

The Drinks

Whether you like a tipple or you prefer something soft, we’ve found some great additions to your drink selection!

Spiced Apple and Toffee Cocktail

This warm and autumnal cocktail recipe by Waitrose is bound to take pride of place on any party drinks menu!

spiced apple toffee cocktails

Blood Orange Rum Punch

Keep the drinks flowing all night with this tasty autumnal punch recipe by SodaStream. This warming combination of orange and rum is ideal for the season. Using a SodaStream means you’ll have delicious drinks on tap all night and helps avoid unwanted spillages when cocktail making sessions are underway.

blood orange rum punch

TOP TIP: If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic alternative, simply skip the rum and angostura bitters to make a mocktail version of this tasty recipe.

Spiced Apple and Mango Cooler Mocktail

This spicy but fresh mocktail recipe is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to stay off the alcohol. This non-alcoholic combination is a balanced mixture of refreshing fruity flavours and warm spicy ginger, ideal for bonfire night.

spiced apple and mango cooler mocktail

The Music

One of the most important things that will help get your party off to a great start is the music so prepare a long playlist for the night that has something that will please everyone. If you haven’t got time in the run up to the big event to create one for yourself, there’s plenty of music apps that have pre-made party playlists that will work perfectly for the occasion.

And you can’t forget that you’ll need speakers of some variety so your guests can hear your party anthems wherever they are!

The Fireworks

If you’re planning to have a firework display as the highlight of the night then you won’t want to disappoint your crowd of anticipating guests, so here’s our top tips for putting on a show-stopping display and how to avoid any potential disasters!

  • Keep Fireworks at a Distance from Open Flames When Not Being Used – help to keep yourself and everyone safe by always keeping the fireworks you’re not lighting/using in a closed box far away from open flames or where you’re lighting fireworks. Having unused fireworks lying around can be dangerous if they were to accidentally catch light while you’re setting off a different one.
  • Ensure You Know Your Space – if your garden or where you’re setting off the fireworks is surrounded by a lot of overhanging trees or hedges, consider moving to  a more open area or at least ensure they are set off in a direction where they will easily avoid hitting any of the garden. If a firework gets caught in a tree or hedge it can cause fires or the explosions to go off in the wrong directions.
  • Light the Fireworks Away from You – always light your fireworks at arms-length then move as far away as possible once it is lit to ensure you are a safe distance.
  • Never Return to a Lit Firework – once you have left the area where the lit firework is, do not return until it has finished exploding and you can be sure it is safe. Even if the firework doesn’t go off once you have lit it, do not go near it as it may still go off, especially if moved. If you think a firework is broken and isn’t going to go off, douse it with water from a distance to ensure it has been put out.
  • Tailor Your Fireworks to Your Crowd – when buying your fireworks from a reliable source, think about your guests when choosing which ones to include in your display. If you’re having a family party with children then big and loud fireworks may not be the best choice whereas choices such as Catherine wheels still give a great effect but are a lot quieter.
  • Plan your Display – as well as being potentially dangerous, last-minute and unplanned firework displays can also be unimpressive. To really give your guests a great show, buy your fireworks well in advance, take a look at what you’ve got and plan the order/routine you want to light them in. By doing this you can create a great climax and an even better finish that will leave your guests seriously impressed.

Things to Remember

Trying to be the ‘host with the most’ can be stressful so here’s a list of things to remember both when planning/preparing your party and during the main event:

  • Pets – if you’re having your party at home, don’t forget any furry friends that may be wandering around; fireworks and bonfires can scare/startle a lot of pets so adding in the noise and potential chaos of a party is likely to heighten that fear. The ideal situation is to ask a friend, family or professional to care of them elsewhere for the evening to remove them from the chaos.
  • The Décor – you can’t host a great party in a plain venue, make sure you dress the room to match your bonfire night theme. Having plenty of blankets around is great for when the temperatures start to drop as the night gets later and making sure your guests have plenty of places to sit is also an essential.
  • The Big Clean Up – it’s easy to forget when you’re filling the room with food, drink and décor that it isn’t going to stay looking this put-together all night and that potentially you’re going to be left with a lot of cleaning up to do. Plan ahead and make your life easier by leaving lots of bins around and using plenty of disposable plates/cups. Plastic floor covering for carpets is also a great way to reduce the potential mess.
  • Have Fun – being the host of a big bonfire party can be a stress but don’t forget that after all the hard work you’ve put in, you still must have fun as well as your guests!

So, we think that covers everything you need to think about when it comes to planning a great bonfire night bash!

If you test out any of these tasty treat recipes or try your hand at putting on a firework display, let us know by sharing your party pics with us on Twitter and Instagram.


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