How to Incorporate a Suit into Your Halloween Look

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Halloween is undoubtedly the best time of year but it does come with a certain amount of pressure, the costume! You want to impress your mates with a cracker of a Halloween costume and hopefully you can do so without spending scary amounts on a one time look. So why not buy a suit you can wear again? Win, win! Here’s our favourite Halloween looks incorporating a suit;

Clark Kent

Now we’re not going to get into the Batman vs Superman debate but there is one superhero who is known to wear suits on his days off. That’s Clark Kent aka Superman. Blue suit, white shirt, a red tie and a pair of big specs – you are sorted!


Conor McGregor

Get your swagger on and wear a striking check suit with double-breasted waistcoat and turn yourself into the MMA madman. Also you get a stand out suit for future events!



James Bond


The classic, the coolest and possibly the easiest. 007 is known for his dapper demeanour and well-tailored suits. Dress a dinner suit with an evening shirt, dress shoes and an untied bow tie to perfect the look.

Andy Warhol

A little bit more obscure, go as the art legend himself, Andy Warhol. Now a wig and some big sunglasses will be required to finish this look off but otherwise a basic black suit dressed with a black polo neck and black shoes and you’ve transformed yourself into a creative genius.



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