How to Keep Up Your Winter Fitness Motivation

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how to keep fit in winter

Winter truly is a season that divides the nation; some of us live for the colder months and early nights whereas others can’t stand the drop in temperature and lack of daylight, but we think the one thing we can all agree on about winter is that staying fit is particularly difficult.
Unless you’re a natural fitness fan then working out in the winter is probably something you don’t look forward to, and for a lot of us, it’s something we just don’t bother doing.

We’re all familiar with that post-Christmas body and the sudden urge to join a gym in the new year, but we’re going to share with you some top tips to combat the winter fitness slump and keep up your motivation throughout the colder months.
We’ve teamed up with some of the best in the fitness business to bring you some top tips for staying motivated to work out through winter… even on the coldest of days!

Buddy Up!

A top tip from ETE TriCamp’s coach, Perry Agass, is to ‘buddy up’ – “working out with a friend can be a great way to stay motivated when the weather is cold and you might not be feeling up for battling with the elements. Committing to a brisk morning run with a friend means you’re less likely to snooze the alarm, and you’ll even get some social time in”.

Try Group Fitness
Similar to the idea of buddying up with a friend for workouts, joining group fitness classes is a great way to up your motivation for working out! Exercising in a group environment naturally spurs you on to try harder and stay focused!
If you think a fitness class is right for you then find your nearest Everyone Active managed leisure centre and pick one of the many group exercise classes they have on offer. There’s 150 centres across the country so there’s bound to be one near you, and you can even download their free app and book classes on your phone!

Plan It Out
The trainers at MotivatePT have told us that one of their top tips for keeping your fitness ‘mojo’ alive through winter is to plan/schedule your workouts because as they put it “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.
They recommend that you schedule your workouts in to your day like you would with any other kind of commitment or appointment and by making it a part of your routine and pre-planning when you’re going to go, it is more likely to happen!
Dress to Impress!
Our top priority here at Slaters is always fashion and according to MotivatePT, the way you dress can affect how keen you are to get exercising!
If you head outdoors for a winter work out and get greeted by minus temperatures, it’s likely that your motivation will quickly disappear! New fitness gear is a great way to motivate you to head to the gym or out on a run at any time of the year but making sure that your new kit is also weather appropriate is a great way to make you feel comfortable on your work outs, whatever the weather!
Fitness thermals, long sleeve tops and lightweight jackets are all great additions to your winter work out wardrobe!

Stay Inside!
Staying indoors doesn’t have to mean sitting on the sofa, you can still get burning the calories without heading out the front door!
Home workouts have grown in popularity over recent years with the development of short, intense fitness routines and online exercise videos that are easy to do at home with no equipment and these kinds of work outs are ideal for keeping you fit in the winter months when heading outside for a run is far from appealing!
We hope these tips have inspired you to stay fit through the winter months, let us know what keeps you motivated to keep moving in the colder weather by getting in touch on Twitter or Instagram!

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