How to Pick the Perfect Suit for Your Special Occasion

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There are lots of occasions in life that call for an extra special outfit but it can be difficult to know which suit is the perfect choice for which event, so we’ve created this handy guide to make your life a little easier.

If you want to be the best dressed for every date in the diary, then our guide to choosing the right special occasion suit for the event in question is made for you!

From the colour to the style, we’ve taken everything into consideration when choosing one perfect suit for every occasion you could possibly be attending, so carry on reading to ensure you’re suited and booted properly for your next big event!

Your Wedding Day

We’ve talked about men’s wedding suits a lot and to suggest there’s a ‘one size fits all’ answer to the perfect suit for your wedding day is crazy but there are definitely some classic looks out there that are real crowd pleasers and tend to work for grooms of all styles.

When it comes to getting yourself dressed for your own big day, there are two suit colours that instantly spring to mind and they’re blue and grey. We couldn’t possibly choose between these two shades as to which was more classic for a groom, so we’re going to have to cheat for this event and recommend two perfect suits!

For a groom, we’re going to opt for a tailored fit as it’s a style that will suit all, looks super smart for heading down the aisle but is also comfortable for dancing the night away at your reception.

Men’s Wedding Guest Outfit

We’ve also talked about men’s wedding guest outfits a lot across the blog but if we had to choose just one perfect suit for making a stylish statement as a wedding guest then we’d have to go for the classic check print suit.

There truly is no better occasion for sporting a bold printed suit than when celebrating someone’s happy day and you can wear your stand out suit in confidence as check suits aren’t the most common choice for grooms’ parties, so you needn’t worry about matching them!

Not only are men’s check suits a stylish choice for wedding guests but they’re super on trend at the moment too, so very easy to get your hands on a great one, especially with the selection in our new Sam Reece suit collection!

Christening Outfits for Adults

Whether you’re a parent, family member, godparent or guest, christenings are extra special occasions that call for a dapper suit for the occasion.

Christenings are one of the happiest events you’ll attend, so we think a suit with a little colour is a nice option for this kind of occasion which leads us on to introducing you to one of our brand new burgundy suits!

New from M.R.K, this extremely dapper three-piece skinny fit burgundy tweed suit is totally different to anything else we currently have in our collection of men’s suits and we think it’s the perfect traditional style in a more modern colour for a christening!

Graduation Suits

Once you’ve handed in your final dissertation, all attention turns towards graduation and celebrating the end of your time at university, so you need to look picture perfect for the occasion.

Graduation is a day you’ll never forget and a memory you’ll want to look back on forever, so we’d recommend choosing a suit that expresses your personal style but plays it a little safe, so that you won’t look back at your graduation pictures in years to come and regret your outfit for the day!

When we think of graduation suits, we automatically think of blue or navy. There are plenty of blue suits out there that are far from boring if you want to stand out, there’s a variety of ways to accessorise suits of this colour to help your look remain unique but they’re still classic and will always be in fashion.

It’s important to be comfortable on the day of graduation as it can be quite a long day, so we’d recommend picking a fit that you feel best in, whether that be slim, tailored or skinny fit!

Birthday Party

When it’s time to party, it’s time to break out your best suit and in our opinion, this isn’t a time to go simple!

If you’re the birthday boy then what better occasion to go all out and show off the best your wardrobe has to offer in front of all your friends and family! We think birthday parties that are formal enough for a suit deserve a style and fabric that are both pretty unique and something extra special which is what made us pick a pinstripe suit with a double-breasted waistcoat for this occasion!

Effortlessly cool in every way possible, the brand new M.R.K pinstripe suit with a horseshoe waistcoat is a slim fit for that extra modern look and is just the perfect attire for partying the night away at your birthday celebrations!

We’ve covered all those special occasions in your calendar and given you the perfect suit for each event you could possibly be attending, so you can always show up in style with Slaters.

If you attend a fancy event and wear a suit from Slater Menswear then we’d love to know! Send us your pictures on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #SuitUpInStyle!



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