How to Set Up The Ultimate Dating Profile

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According to an article by Business of Apps, around 57 million people around the world are users of popular mobile dating app, Tinder and between us, we’re swiping approximately 1.6 billion times a day across 190 different countries but how do you get a glowing track record for receiving those much wanted right swipes?

There’s an art to perfecting your dating profile, whether it’s on tinder or another online dating site, so with Valentine’s Day coming up, if you’re looking to secure yourself a V-Day date through a dating site, we’re going to be sharing with you some top tips for putting together the ultimate dating profile to make sure everyone wants to swipe right for you!

  1. Pick the Best Pictures of Yourself – And Leave Your Mates Out of Them

Those funny group pictures of you and your mates on a night out might be hilarious for Instagram but when it comes to trying to secure a date, those pictures are best kept to a minimum.

You need to pick the best pictures of yourself for your dating profile and you want to be on your own in them. There’s nothing worse than finding someone’s profile online and not knowing which one they actually are because all of their pictures are with other people, so make sure you’re sharing the best snaps of yourself standing alone!

Top Tip – If you want to show off your mates, there’s no harm in linking your Instagram profile to your dating profile, so people having a browse can see you are social and have a good group of friends but they can also spot you from the crowd.

  1. Topless Mirror Selfies Are a No

According to a study published in the Metro, those topless mirror selfies that show off the gains you’ve made in the gym are actually a massive no!

Women have made it very clear that these are not the kind of pictures that make them want to swipe right, so let your smile and sharp dress sense do the talking instead of your six-pack.

  1. Use Pictures That Show Off Your Interests

If you’re into travel, make sure your pictures show that and the same rule applies for any kinds to hobbies. Using your pictures to show off what you’re interested in will give potential matches an insight into your life, whereas selfie after selfie, followed by a drunk picture with your mates isn’t the best first impression.

  1. Make Your Bio Informative

This kind of depends on what you’re after from these dating apps but if you’re wanting to find someone who could turn into a serious, long term partner then you want to make your bio informative and share all that important information about yourself.

Your job, your interests, anything else you think a prospective partner might be keen to know, that’s the sort of thing to share in your bio, not a cheesy one liner!

  1. Keep the Bio Short and Sweet

According to Tinder founder Sean Rad when he spoke to British GQ, keeping your Tinder Bio short and sweet is essential.

He states how they ‘have a 500 character limit for a reason’ because no one is here to read your life story and let’s be honest, if you share all the ins and outs of yourself in your bio, there’s really no incentive to message you to learn more!

  1. Don’t Lie About Your Age

A lot of men, particularly slightly older ones, admit to knocking a few years off their age when it comes to setting up their tinder profiles but our best advice? Don’t do that!

There shouldn’t be any lies when it comes to your dating profiles and your age is one of the biggest things you want to be honest about. There’s no harm in saying you’re 6ft instead of 5ft 11” but your age is an essential factor for potential partners deciding which way to swipe, so don’t lie about it!

  1. When It Comes to Messaging, Keep it Fresh

Although ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ are the most common conversation starters in life, when it comes to dating apps, that’s pretty dull and will most likely be ignored, so if you’ve managed to secure a match, you want to keep your opening line of the chat fresh.

Sean Rad recommends ‘saying something that shows you took the time to read their bio’ and we couldn’t agree more. You’re much likely to get engagement back from the person you’re messaging if you make the message personalised to them, showing a genuine interest in them, so save the hellos and think of something a little more interesting to say.

It’s actually pretty easy to set up the perfect dating profile, no matter which app or site you prefer to use. By following these top tips, we guarantee you’ll be getting right swipes and likes all day long and getting the opportunity for lots of dates!

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