How to Style Smart Trainers

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Trainers aren’t often thought of as a more formal shoe but with the revelation of the leather trainer, the ultimate smart casual shoe, you can now sport this comfortable footwear option for every occasion.

Thanks to the modern footwear option that is leather trainers for men, gents can now enjoy the comfort of a trainer with the formal appeal of a smart shoe, what could be better?

If you’re still feeling a little unsure about this up and coming trend then we’re here to help you figure out how to slot a pair of men’s smart trainers into your wardrobe.

How to Style Trainers with Jeans

We’re going to ease you into styling smart trainers by pairing them with an item in our wardrobe we all feel comfortable with and know exactly how to style our trainers with them and that’s our jeans.

Although leather trainers have a smarter look to them, they still have the same shape and appeal as your usual casual pair, meaning its still super easy to style smart trainers with jeans.

No matter what style of jeans you like, smart trainers will sit comfortably at the bottom and they look perfectly matched with both shirts and t-shirts, making them a super versatile choice.

WHO WEARS IT WELL: When it comes to pairing smart trainers with well-fitting jeans and just making it look seriously cool, John from The Everyday Man is the guy to show you how it’s done. We’re pleased to have worked with John on a campaign in 2017 and witnessed first-hand just how stylish this gent really is and it’s fair to say he isn’t short or a pair of trainers or two.

Although he sports plenty of pairs of classic casual kicks, he’s also partial to a smart pair of trainers and the way he pairs them with jeans is something we can all learn from!

How to Style: With Smart Trousers and a Casual Top

Out of all the outfits you can pair men’s smart trainers with, a smart casual look has to be the best. Formal trousers with a great fitting shape yet paired with a casual top like a polo shirt or t-shirt, a pair of leather trainers are the perfect way to finish off this look.

This kind of outfit is truly ideal for so many different occasions. From a more dressed down office job to socialising with friends, if you want to be comfy yet look ready for business, dressing down a pair of smart trousers is the ultimate way to do it.

WHO WEARS IT WELL: When we think about men in the limelight that consistently work this look well, vlogger and model Jim Chapman is the first to come to mind. He’s suave, he’s dapper and he’s always well dressed, whether Jim is fully suited and booted for a red carpet appearance or just making his way around London, he always looks dressed to impress and a pair of smart trainers is a staple in his wardrobe.

Get Jim’s look for less at Slaters:

How to Style a Suit with Trainers

This is where the more traditional dressing gent might be starting to get a little hot under the collar. A suit with trainers? Surely not? Allow us to explain.

The beauty of the modern leather trainer is that it offers the comfort of a casual shoe but the appearance of a more formal shoe and although they’re not quite as dressed up as brogues or dress shoes, they’re smart enough to pair with a suit and still look dapper enough to hit the office, the bar or even the red carpet.

It’s easy to do; simply don your suit of your choice, add your usual shirt and tie combo but instead of pairing the look with you usual formal shoes, swap in your smart trainers.

We’ve got men’s leather trainers in various shades including tan and navy, so it’s easy to find a pair that perfectly matches your look.

WHO WEARS IT WELL: He may have only been seen sporting this style once or twice but when David Beckham pairs a suit with a set of trainers, he looks seriously on trend.

A generally dapper guy anyway, it’s likely that there’s no outfit that Mr Beckham couldn’t pull off but the smart trainers with suit look is one he definitely has perfected.

David Beckham can be seen sporting a dark navy two-piece suit with a casual round neck jumper under the jacket and a starkly contrasting pair of white smart trainers on the bottom, a look that is effortless but such a stylish statement.

If you want to try your hand at looking as cool as Mr B in a suit and pair of smart trainers, shop a similar look at Slaters:

Who would’ve thought that our favourite casual shoes would one day become a staple in our smart wardrobe too? We might not have seen it coming but we’re certainly loving it and more than happy to embrace this super dapper trend!

If you’ve got some top tips for how to style trainers, both smart and casual, we want to hear about them, so let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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