How to Style Your Christmas Jumper to Look a Little Cooler

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There’s no avoiding the fact that Christmas jumpers always look a bit naff. They’re bright, bold and a little bit in your face but that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain things you can do to style them up a little better.

Although we all accept at Christmas time that festive jumpers just become part of our daily attire, it’s always nice to look your best, even when wearing a jumper with a light up reindeer on the front, so we’re going to be sharing with you some top tips for styling your Christmas knitwear to look a little bit more on trend.

Layer with a Shirt

If you want to make your Christmas jumper a little more dapper, layer it up with an open neck shirt to make the look smarter and more stylish.

We’d recommend pairing a white shirt with any of your festive jumpers because whether your knitwear is red, navy, green, black or any other colour, a white shirt will be a perfect match.

Layering with a shirt isn’t only a way to make your festive jumper a little more formal for work or a night out but it also gives you the option to ditch the jumper as time goes on if you’re not feeling in the festive spirit anymore.

Pair With Formal Trousers

If you want to look effortlessly cool in a Crimbo jumper then pairing with some formal trousers and a pair of brogues is the perfect way to show all your mates that you’ve got serious style.

A slim or skinny fitting pair of grey or navy trousers are the perfect partner to a navy, red or black festive jumper and add a pair of brogues and you’ll be the best dressed at your Christmas party without a doubt!

Go For a Less Garish Festive Jumper

Some may say there’s no such thing as ‘less is more’ when it comes to Christmas jumpers but some occasions just aren’t right for a flashing Christmas tree jumper or a reindeer sweater with a light up nose, so a less garish festive knit is required!

GQ are known for being a go-to resource for men who want to be on trend and seriously stylish at all times, so when they say they’ve found the best Christmas jumpers for men for 2018, we’re confident they’re going to have found the ultimate festive jumpers on the market!

Although there are some pretty expensive picks in GQ’s selection, there are some more affordable options too and the best part is that they’re all tasteful and easy to wear, so if you’re just not brave enough to go all out with the tacky Christmas jumper, these knits might be a better fit!

Embrace It and GO ALL OUT!

Confidence is key when it comes to looking good, so instead of trying to adapt your festive style to make it a little cooler, why not just go all out and embrace the fact that it’s Christmas and that pretty much means that anything goes!

Tasteful and trendy festive jumpers might be better for wearing to work but there’s nothing quite like a bold Christmas jumper with all the trimmings – we’re talking lights, sound effects, the lot!

iNews have done a round-up of the top 10 Christmas jumpers for gents and some of them are pretty brave but if you can’t sport the ugliest knitwear on the market in December and get away with it then when can you?

So, whether you think festive jumpers are novelty or nasty, we’ve given you some top tips for sporting a Christmas sweater no matter what your style!

How do you like to dress your Christmas jumper? Do you go all out or try and play it cool? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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